poet-shayar kunwar bechain dies, read his famous ghazals

The deadly infection of the Corona virus snatched away another great personality from us. On Thursday, 29 April, Dr. Kunwar Bechain, the country’s famous poet and Shayar, died of Corona disease. He was undergoing treatment for the past few days. His entire life was spent in the world of words. Evening glass, ropes of water, knocking on walls, etc. are his famous ghazals. Why did you stop the river and words: A lantern etc. His collection of poems also became very famous. He was born on 1 July 1942 in Umri village of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. His real name is Dr. Kunwar Bahadur Saxena. But as poet, poet he became known as ‘Kunwar’ restless. He created his own place on stage with his Kalam. He had a different way of saying ghazal. His fans are mourning the news of his departure. His place, which remains in the heart of the people, will always be there and his work will continue to be hummed like this. Even today, Dr. ‘Kunwar’ is not restless among us. But his poems, his ghazals will always make his loved ones realize their existence- Some evening in my part It is difficult to write a story of a heart, like writing a flowing water, there must have been some confusion, which he forgot, I have to write a beautiful evening in my part, to stay away from the weather, to write something old in the danger of now. If you get the skill to write anything, if you understand the gesture of writing love, then you should write it night-queen in every letter Also read – Unheard aspects of ‘Nida’ Fazli’s life, spoken by his wife Malti Joshi Life is incomplete Meet in such a way that the meeting is not incomplete, if you see life, it is not incomplete, if you come like clouds, then rain it open, this time the rain is not incomplete. Come, if the moon ever hides, no night of my life should not be incomplete, I try to say something like this to you, no matter what remains incomplete, if you have a heart, then give ‘Kunwar’ to someone’s heart from whom the heart Even this gift should not be incomplete Also Read – Ghazal Emperor Jagjit Singh’s Velvet Voice Was Skilled To Get Into The Spirit The risk that you cannot give For two or four times, whoever laughed and laughed, where he had taken a stone in his hand, did it well for us, who broke it, who had stolen his dream, he wanted a flower to suffer in the same way, we happily laid thorns in the trees. Ashk, who came in the eyes, said this to the eyes, now stop or make us fall, we have come to bathe in the clouds like happiness, the clouds have taken a shower in the clouds like sorrow when it could not happen, then we did the lion of our ghazal somewhere lukewarm But still you will find a threat in a drawer that you cannot give to you in writing

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