Anti fungal neem soap: DIY make at home

DIY neem soap will clean the skin to the inside.  Image / Shutterstock

DIY neem soap will clean the skin to the inside. Image / Shutterstock

Neem Soap is helpful in removing the dirt and dead cells on the skin. The antifungal and antibacterial properties present in neem are extremely beneficial for the skin.

Neem leaves have antifungal and antibacterial properties, which are very beneficial for the skin. In such a situation, Neem is helpful in removing problems related to our skin, teeth. This is the reason why products made from neem are our first choice. Nowadays, when our skin gets polluted due to various problems like pollution, then it becomes even more important to take care of it. In this case, you can use soap made from neem leaves. It nourishes the skin and is helpful in removing dirt and dirt and dead cells on the skin. By the way, you will find many types of soaps in the market as well, but if you prepare neem soap at home, then it will be better, because this homemade homemade Ayurvedic soap will be free from harmful chemicals and your skin somehow Will clean it inside without damaging it. Let’s know how to make neem soap Ingredients for making neem soap 1 cup neem leaves: plastic bowl for shaping soap glycerin soap vitamin e capsule essential oil for fragrance Also read – This facepack made of saffron and milk will keep your face spotless This is how to make neem soap First of all, wash and clean Neem leaves. After this, grind them by putting them in the mixer and prepare a thick paste. Soak glycerin and tighten it or peel it fine with the help of a knife. Now take a plastic bowl to shape the soap and put a little Vaseline in it. This will allow the soap to come out easily. You will easily find vitamin E capsules in the market. Take them and put these capsules of vitamin E in a thick paste of neem. For the aroma aroma in the soap, you put a few drops of essential oil in this paste. Now mix all these things well. Now boil water in a big pot and when this water starts boiling a lot, then place a bowl in the middle of it. Now pour the pre-peeled soap pieces in this bowl and keep stirring slowly with a spoon so that it melts. After this, put the prepared paste of neem leaves in this melted soap and mix this mixture and let it boil for some time. After this, turn off the gas and pour this mixture inside the bowl brought to shape the soap and then keep it inside the fridge. This will make your soap ready soon.

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