Big announcement by DGCA! Ban on international flights will continue till 31 May

  Many countries banned Indian flights

Many countries banned Indian flights

More than 3.86 lakh people have become corona positive during the last 24 hours across the country. At the same time, the number of active corona patients in the entire country has exceeded 31 lakhs. That is, more than 31 lakh people across the country are still suffering from Corona virus.

New Delhi. Directorate on Friday amidst ever increasing corona virus cases in the country General Off Civil Aviation (DGCA) has big India while deciding In The schedule International Commercial Flights (Scheduled International Commercial Flights) Of The movement On The restriction 31 May 2021 By Increased gave is. DGCA Of this Announcement Of after The next Month Of After all By All International Flights On Stop Will remain. Tell Give That Corona Epidemic Of Go last year March In International Travel On The restriction felt gave Gone Was DGCA By Ongoing Order In said Gone is That The need Feel Done Know On some International Roots On Related Authority Of Clearance With Flights To Operated did Go can is.

From this first International Flights On The restriction Of Period To Enhanced 30 April 2021 did Gone Was Corona Epidemic Of cause International Flights Of The operation last year March From Only suspended is. although, May 2020 In the household The flights Again From Start Hui Was.

24 Hours Of During 3.86 lakh From More corona positive

Tell Give That Nationwide In last 24 Hours Of During 3.86 lakh From more Personal Corona Positive Hue Huh. There itself The whole country In Active Corona The patients Of Number 31 lakh From more Ho Finished is. i.e Nationwide In 31 lakh From more The people now Too Corona Virus From Suffer Huh. Corona Of cause two lakh From more The people mine life Too Lost Had Huh. this continuously Ninth day is while 24 Hours In Nationwide Of Inside Corona Of three lakh From more The cases Front Returns Huh. 9 day first Nationwide In every day three lakh Personal Corona Positive Ho are Were. although Now 9 day after this the figure Four lakh Of Near Arriving felt is.

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Many countries banned Indian flights

After the increasing corona cases in India, many countries have banned flights coming from Etihatan India. In this, Australia has restricted all flights till 15 May. The Netherlands has banned flights to and from India from 26 April to 1 May. The same countries like Canada, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Britain, New Zealand, Kuwait, Oman have been banned.

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