Even in this difficult period of Corona, these 8 shares can give strong returns!

New Delhi. It is not hidden from anyone that the increasing cases of coronavirus (covid-19 cases) in India and the partial lockdown in many cities again have an impact on the economy and the revenue of the companies. Used to be. The impact of this on the stock market is also inevitable. As being told that the corona Of The second Wave if this year May Of after Too Ongoing If you can live in this situation then there is an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the people about the investment. this Apprehension To See Hue Experts (Experts) has The long Period In The good Return Of for some Stocks To Chose is. Partial Lockdown And many State Governments Of And From Corona Of The second Wave To To prevent Of for Planted went The restrictions From Economy On some Impact Fall can is.

Rating The agency Single has Now GDP Growth And Corporate Sector Of Revenue In some Deduction Of an estimate to set Start Tax gave is. Single has 2021-22 In country Of GDP Of Growth To an estimate By subtracting 10-10.5 Percent did is, that first 10-11 Percent Of Was From this first Global Investment The companies Goldman Sachs And Nomura has 1 April From Start Hue Existing Financial Year Of for GDP Of Ours an estimate In Deduction Of was.

Jsw Energy (JSW Energy)

Government Renewable Energy On Emphasis Give doing is And Investors To Too this Segment Of Stocks Of with Ours Portfolio In Change Tax Can Huh. company Of The balance Sheet strong is And Its Profit In Too Growth Ho doing is.

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Jubilant Ingrevia (Jubilant Ingrevia)

Jubilant Ingrevia condition Only In Jubilant Lifesciences From Demurge Hui is. this stock 17 Of PriceToErnings (ON)The ratio On available is, that Chemical Stocks Of for very Attractive is.

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Center Government Of Plan very From The states Of Discoms To Privatize To do Of is And CESC first Only Kolkata like some The cities In Discoms To walked doing is. company Of for Business To enhance Of The good The opportunity become are Huh.

Bye Consumer (Tata Consumer)

this company In Existing Levels On Too Investment did Go can is Because Its Products Of The sale continuously Increased doing is.

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Aarti Drugs (Aarti Drugs)

company Of API In The presence, Specialty Chemicals like Segment In good The presence is. market Of Focus Medical Care Of And Shift Having Of with company Of Display Too good Living Of an estimate is.

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (Dr Reddy Laboratories)

country Of The big Pharmaceutical The companies In Include Dr Reddy’s Of Kovid Of The vaccine In Too Contribution is. its Valuation now The good Level On is And Investors Of for in this opportunity is.

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Dr Red Pathlabs (Dr Lal Path Labs)

Corona Of Mounting The affairs From Diagnostic The companies Of Business In Fast I came is. Dr Red Pathlabs this Segment Of One The big company is. CapitalVia Global Of Pride Garg Of tell is That this stock this The year Too very good Display Tax can is.

India Unilever (THEIR)

FMCG Sector Of this Jani Recognizable company On Corona Of The second Wave From Negative Impact Having Of expectation Less is. company Of near strong Supply Chain is And his Demand Too Intact Stay Can is. this stock mine Important Moving Average From Sprung up is And in this Fast To come Of The signal Visible are Huh.

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