Here you get more interest from the bank by depositing, there is neither risk nor tax

Most of the big banks in the country are offering maximum interest of 5.50% on FD.

Most of the big banks in the country are offering maximum interest of 5.50% on FD.

You are getting 6.8% interest in the National Savings Certificate Scheme of the Post Office.

New Delhi. The post office or post payment bank is running many small saving schemes. On investing in these schemes, you are completely safe and tax free. Also, you get more interest than Fixed Deposit (FD). Today, we are telling you about one of these schemes, the National Saving Certificate (NSC) scheme. By investing money in it, you will get 6.8% interest. This interest rate is higher than the fixed deposit (FD) of all the big banks in the country. Let me tell you that most of the big banks in the country are giving a maximum of 5.50% interest on FD. At the same time, on investing in NSC, it is also exempted under Section 80C of Income Tax. ALSO READ: JOB TALK: Due to technology, there are a lot of jobs in these places, know everything in the National Saving Certificate (NSC), what are the benefits?6.8% interest is being earned annually on investment in Post Office National Saving Certificate (NSC). In this, the interest is calculated on an annual basis, but the amount of interest is given only after the period of investment. Also read: Better performance of new skills in interview will guarantee job, know such important mantra Minimum one thousand rupees will have to be invested
To open an account of NSC scheme in the post office, you will have to invest a minimum of 1000 rupees. This account can also be opened in the name of a minor and in the name of 3 adults. An account can also be opened under the supervision of a guardian in the name of a minor over 10 years of age. The lock-in period of NSC is 5 years old. That is, you have to invest in it for 5 years. Under this, under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, you can save tax on the amount up to Rs 1.5 lakh. You can invest any amount in NSC. There is no maximum investment limit. Also Read: Job Ki Baat: Work From Home Due To Wellness Officer Or Employee Experience And Communication Demand For New Jobs

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