Sonu Sood looked helpless in front of Corona, said – It is easy to find God in Delhi, but …

Sonu Sood remains active on social media.  (Photo courtesy Twitter @SonuSood)

Sonu Sood remains active on social media. (Photo courtesy Twitter @SonuSood)

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has tweeted on the condition of Delhi deteriorating due to Corona, in which he has told people that everything will be fine soon.

Mumbai. Coronavirus has caused an outcry in the entire country. The risk of corona infection is increasing rapidly. The hospital is crowded with corona patients and some patients are dying due to non-availability of beds. Death figures are also increasing day by day. In these difficult times, Bollywood celebs are also coming forward and helping hands, but Sonu Sood, who is trying to help people from the previous lockdown, is looking helpless these days seeing the condition of Delhi. After seeing the condition of hospitals in Delhi, he has recently tweeted (Sonu Sood tweet on Delhi’s situation), which is going viral. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has recently tweeted a picture of painful pictures of Delhi after watching the video. He is constantly appearing helpless in front of the help sought by the people of the country’s capital. He has expressed his powerlessness in a tweet. Expressing his concern, Sonu Sood wrote in the latest tweet, ‘It is easy to find God in Delhi at this time but it is difficult to find beds in the hospital. But you will find it, just don’t give up. ‘ Sonu Sood, Sonu sood latest tweet, Sonu Sood on current situation of Delhi, sonu sood on covid 19, sonu sood tweet, Social media, Viral Tweet, Actually, the situation in Delhi and its adjoining districts is getting extremely bad. In the hospital, patients are struggling with beds and lack of oxygen, in such a situation, Sonu, who is the Messiah, is asking someone to arrange for a bed and some oxygen cylinders. In which he has appealed to the government to provide free education to those children who have lost both their parents due to Corona. He said that the education of these children should be in private or government schools, bachelor’s degree, medical or engineering, absolutely free so that they can have a bright future.

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