1,71,000 claims trapped in hospitals and insurance companies due to tension, relatives of Corona victims upset

New Delhi. In this second wave of corona virus (Covid 19), where the hospital is full of patients, the medical claim for medical treatment (medical claim) is also a cause of difficulty for the family. Which is why there is no claim settlement. It is not such thousand-ten thousand cases, but one lakh 71 thousand cases where claims have been implicated. Something similar happened in Delhi’s Nikunj With Tiwari in a private company advertising Executive is. According to Nikunj his husband Yes Covid-19 Of The reason From Sick Were And To those Soon From Soon Hospital In Recruitment Had to do. Nikunj Of near That Time two Only the option Were. The first these That they or so Myself All Medical Expenditure Lift And after In Insurer From Reimbursement Claim Do it Second the option these Was That they Cashless settlement Of for Claim Do it after In Reimbursement Of Advantage these Was That Their husband Immediately Recruitment Ho Can Were And To those The beds The mill can Was.

Cashless settlement the option Adopt On Insurer And Hospital Of between Directly Claim Settle Would. this Complete process In Insurer From Clearance To meet In 2 Hours From more Time Seems And this Event In someone Guarantee Too No was That 2 Hours Of after To those Empty The beds The mill can Was To whom note In Keeping Hue Tiwari has Reimbursement Of the option Adopted. although this the option Too Their for many Sporadically In good Proved No happen.

Charges that the insurance company is not charging

Tiwari Of tell is That my husband Yes OK Through House come went Huh. I have Approval Of for Third Party Administrator Of Front ours Claim Admission Tax gave is. From us this said Gone is That very all Hospital infection Control Of for Too Charge Tax are Huh Whose payment Insurer By No did Will go. Tiwari Of Kind Only very From As such Indian Huh that One Side Corona From Fighting are Huh There itself The second Side ours Insurance Claim Settle To do Of for struggle Tax are Huh.

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6649.53 Crore Settlement Padding of Rs.

Corona Virus Of The second Wave Of between Medical Expenditure Of near 1,71,000 Covid Claim settlement Of for Pending is Whosoever Related The total The amount 6649.53 Crore Rupees is. 28 April By The whole country Filled In 15,568 Crore Rupees Of 11 lakh Covid Health Claim Insurer Of Before The file Done went Huh In which From 8918.57 Crore Rupees Of 930729 Claim Settle Ho went Huh.

Blame game

The sources Of tell is That Claim settlement In these The delay Hospital And Insurance The companies Of between Claim Amount And Applicable Charge On Difference Of The reason From is. Since Claim Of The data Public form From available No is. so Insurer OnRecord someone Too Comment No do Want. In The differences Of The reason From some Hospital In Cashless settlement To No Accept did Go Stayed is. Tell Give That May 2020 From Hospitals has Covid Outbreak Of after Adopt went infection Control The measures Of The reason From treatment Of Expenditure Increased gave is To whom The customers Of up Hospital Of Side near On Tax gave Gone is. Insurer infection Control Charge Of The reason From Increased Hue Expenditure Of Claim Accept To do Of for ready No is.

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Ratecard On Difference

June 2020 In Insurer The companies has Ours Industry Body General Insurance Council Of Via All Covid Hospital Treatment Of for Standard Rate The card Make Was although As That Moneycontrol first Only Tell Had finished is That Hospital this Rate Of calculation From ours Expenditure No Showing are Huh. so Insurance The business From Connected The people Of tell is That In all Problems Of for Hospital Responsible Huh not That Insurer. Insurers Of tell is That We Network Hospital Of with first From Determined And Applicable Rate Of base On payment Tax are Huh while Hospital Increased Bill Present Tax are Huh. this between Customer In Both Of between In Grinding Hue Delay, Rejection And Medical Claim Of for complaint On complaint Enter Tax are Huh. country In Corona Of The case continuously Increased are Huh. IRDA Of tell is That they Claim Delay And Rejection On mine vision Made Hue Huh. Since Hospitals Of for someone Regulator No is. so Insurer Of hand Tied up Hue Huh.

Hospital And Insurance The companies Of between One Legal Needs Agreement

Banking From Linked One Insurance company Of CFO has this The issues On talk Do Hue said That One times Covid Of The second Wave Pause Only One Industry Of form In Us All Contagious Diseases And Future In To come Wali Any Epidemic Of treatment From Connected rate On Comprehensive Discussion To do Will be Its for Hospital And Insurance The companies Of between One Legal Agreement Of Too The need is With which That its Violation Having On Penalty Planted Go

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