Asian Paints Season 4 Of Where The Heart Is That Showcases Celebrity Homes Like Never Before samp

New Delhi. Seeing beautiful homes is something that inspires us to take responsibility for the change in our surroundings. What else could be better than looking at a beautiful house and taking inspiration from the imagination to change your home, especially at a time when the ban like lockdown has returned to most parts of the country. Here in the series ‘Where the Heart Is / Where the Heart Is’ by Asian Paints, celebrities are doing everything related to making their home and its best corner, beauty, color and home, which can be an easy suggestion for you. Know here why you need to watch the fourth season of this heart touching series. Raj Kumar Rao- Perfect combination of earthy tones and bright colors creates a balance of soothing energy and natural light in actor Rajkumar Rao’s house and it makes the actor feel at peace after returning from work all day.Tamanna Bhatia – Tamanna Bhatia’s house with muted colors, textured wall and floor is a symbol of beauty and simplicity and is completely different from her glamorous role. Needless to say that the decoration and aesthetics of his house is enough to surprise anyone. Anita Dongre –
Anita Dongre’s house is peaceful and relaxed with natural light, lush green gardens and low but beautiful decorations. Actually, the sprawling bungalow of the fashion icon is a specimen of art in itself.

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Shankar Mahadevan – Shakar Mahadevan’s holiday home is near a flowing stream in a rural area. The high ceilings, mix and match color and two magnificent dogs of this quiet abode make it as diverse / generous as Shankar Mahadevan’s music. Memory dimmer – Indian cricketer Smriti Mandana’s house showcases simplicity and peace in every corner with muted colors, textured walls and clean lines. Keeping the right balance between his game and family, his house shows his achievements and memories, which is definitely a must see. Shakti Mohan and Mukti Mohan – From the terrace to the hall used for dance practice and private rooms, the house of Shakti and Mukti Mohan’s fabulous pair gives a personal and special feel like them. His house, with beautiful colors and earthy tones, is completely opposite to his electrifying performance. At a time when we are all inside our homes fighting the second wave of Kovid-19, this series reminds us how beautiful and relaxed our home can be, whether celebrities or not. So, let’s go ahead and watch the entire season of ‘Where The Heart Is / Where the Heart Is’ here. In the new season of social copy – ‘Where the Heart Is / Where the Heart Is’, see inspiring and heart-touching stories of celebrities who created their dream home.

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