Big update on income tax! ITR for FY20 will now be able to return till this date

Traders asked for exemption in GST and income tax

Traders asked for exemption in GST and income tax

The deadline for filing an appeal before the Commissioner (Appeals) has been extended till May 31, but as per the Final Assessment Order, the deadline for payment of tax demand has not been extended.

New Delhi. Keeping in mind the current conditions due to Corona (Covid-19) in the country, Central Board Off Direct Taxes (CBDT) Taking big steps some Tax Compliance Of time limit To To enhance Of Decision did is. Finance Ministry has said, “Corona Of Infection Outbreak And Taxpayers, Tax Consultants And other Stakeholders From many Request To meet Of In view of Government has some Compliance Of time limit Increased Given Huh.

Ministry has said That its Motive Different Stakeholders To Ho doing Odds To Less do is. From this first Government has Taxpayers Of for Compliance To easy Make Of Remedy Too Done Were. L&L Partners Of The partner, Sumit Mars has said, “Different Tax Compliance Of time limit raise up One welcome The one Steps is Because country Corona Virus Of The second Wave Of cause Ho doing Destruction From Struggling Stayed is.They Told That Commissioner (The appeal) Of Front The appeal Admission To do Of time limit 31 May By Increased Has gone is, but Final assessment The order Of accordingly Tax Demand Of payment Of for time limit No Enhanced is.

Earlier, its deadline was also increased

From this first Finance Ministry has Direct Tax Controversy From believe Act, 2020 Of Under payment Of for time limit To 30 June, 2021 By Enhanced Was this Act Of Motive Income Tax From Connected Legal Disputes To Less do And Government Of for Time On Tax Revenue To mobilize is. White And Briefs Advocates Of Associate The partner, symbol Bansal has said That GST law Of Under Too Compliance Of for time limit In The same Kind Of discount lamps Know Of The need is. some Business Organizations has Too Corona Of cause Ho are Loss To See Hue Government From Tax And Compliance In discount To give Of demand Of was.

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Traders has GST And Income Tax In Sought It was discount

country In Fast From Mounting Corona Of During more influenced The states In Lockdown Of demand Tax Had Business Organizations has Now One And demand Of is. Confederation Off All India Traders (CAIT) Of And From Delhi Including country Of Different State Governments By Planted went Lockdown, Partial Lockdown, Knight Curfew like other The restrictions Of In view of Now GST And Income Tax Of mandatory The provisions To Cancil To do Of demand Of Has gone was. Cat Of And From said Gone That GST And Income tax Act Of Under April Of Month In Done Know The ones Compliance Of if Time On Follow No did Gone so Interest And Heavy Late The fees Pay Fall Can is. In Circumstances In All Statutory The provisions Of Follow do The merchants Of for possible No Will happen so In The provisions Of Follow In The delay To The merchants By intentionally did Gone Crime not Consider Hue, country In Event Normal Having By The delay Of for The fee And a punishment To permanent form From Less From Less three Month Of for Postponed did Go.

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