Different tariffs on EV charging in the afternoon and evening! New draft of Ministry of Power, know details

  The new draft has a provision for time of the day tariff.

The new draft has a provision for time of the day tariff.

There is a provision of Time of the day tariff in the new draft of Ministry of Power. There are separate rates for public and private charging stations. According to the provisions, a higher tariff will have to be paid on charging in peak hours. Charging in non peak hours will attract the lowest tariff.

New Delhi. if your near Electric Vehicle (Electric vehecle)is or You him To buy Of Plan Made up are is so this News is very important for you. Because until now where it used to cost one to charge an electric vehicle, now in the morning afternoon evening In You may get to see the change. That is, in the morning you can get your car charged for less money and in the evening you may have to pay more for the same charging than in the morning or afternoon. That is you Charging Of for Lightning Of DifferentDifferent cost Pay Will be Public Charging station (Public charging station)And Private Charging station (privatecharging station) On Too Lightning Of The rates DifferentDifferent Will be.

Energy Ministry (Ministry of energy )has new Draft In Tariff To With that Provision Done Huh Their According to you EV Charging On DifferentDifferent Tariff give Will happen. morning, afternoon, evening In DifferentDifferent Power Tariff Applicable Will happen. In The provisions Of According to Peak Over In Charging On more Tariff give Will happen. Non Peak Over In Charging On from all Less Tariff Will take.

DemandSupply Of calculation From Regulator The rates Will be decide

Energy Ministry Of new Draft In Time Off The Day Tariff (Time of the day tariff ) Of Provision is. in this Public And Private Charging station Of for Different The rates Huh. in this these Too Provision is That DemandSupply Of calculation From Regulator The rates decide do. Aggregator open market From Renewable Energy Purchase Will find. this Proposal On Ministry has All Stakeholder Of opinion Sought is.

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Government’s focus also on electric vehicles

Significantly is That Whole world In Automobile Sector In Fast From Electrification Ho Stayed is. environment Pollution To To prevent Of for this One Proper Steps Huh. There itself India Too this The direction In Enough Fast From Work Tax Stayed is. Whom With Existing time In country Of road transportation And Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari Too many times Say Had Huh.Government Pollution To prevent Of Ours Effort Of Under Electric Vehicle On Focus Tax doing is.

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