Do your husbands give more importance to your family instead of you? So know what you should do in such a situation, your husband chooses his family over you

Stay away from getting into unnecessary fights, fighting etc. of the house.  Image Credit: Pexels / Ketut Subiyanto

Stay away from getting into unnecessary fights, fighting etc. of the house. Image Credit: Pexels / Ketut Subiyanto

In married couples, the wives often complain to their husbands that they leave them and pay more attention to their family members. This creates an atmosphere of tension in the house.

Marriage Relationship Tips: Husband-wife relationship is mutual trust and responsibility towards each other. But it is a reality of the Indian family that most married women find themselves in a strange situation. Situations like tension regarding relationship are seen especially in joint family where both mother-in-law and father-in-law live together. Situations such as loss of mutual trust between husband and wife and hurting each other’s feelings, fills the family atmosphere with strife, and stress in relationships instead of love harmony remains throughout life. The tension in the husband-wife relationship and bitterness in the relationship increases when the husband starts focusing more on his family than his wife. It is in this situation that the wife starts getting upset in the struggle to get her husband’s attention. If this is happening to you as well, then here are some of the measures that you can follow to avoid fights and you can attract the attention of your husband. 1. Balance the budget If your husband gives most of his salary to his parents, due to which you and your children are facing problems at the end of the month, then let the husband know about this situation in peace. Explain to them that once again revise the budget of the house and control the budget by stopping the expenditure of wasteful expenditure. It is necessary to convince them that the share of parents in the budget of the house is as much as that of the children and yours too. In such a situation, make the budget in a balanced way.2. Take time off If your husband comes straight from his office to his parents and spends hours with them. Not only this, after eating the food goes to sleep without talking to you, then it is a matter of concern for you. Do not panic in this case. You should talk to your husband peacefully on this subject and explain with love that he should give equal time to his family and you. Explain to them that in order to have a better married life, it is necessary to take couple time. Also Read: Toxic Positivity: Are You Not A Victim Of Toxic Positivity? Know what are its symptoms
3. You also take time out for your family If your husband does not care for you, then like you, start taking time for your family and relatives. Give most of your time to your parents, give most of your salary to your parent, start visiting your siblings and cousins. This will make your husband realize his mistakes and he will be able to understand your feeling. 4. Reduce relative visits If relatives come to your house every week at any time, then it can be stressful for you. It is possible that your husband is unaware of this or they are not making any difference, but in such a situation, put your point in front of them. In such a situation, you can say that you should call relatives on weekends or make a plan in advance because your plan gets messed up due to these reasons. You have to tell us what problems are going on in the house due to the arrival of people at any time. Also read: Mental stress is increasing in children amidst the Korana epidemic, keep them in mind through these tips 5. Make a distance from unrest In the Indian family, it is found that even after marriage, mothers remain positive and continue to show their rights. In such a situation, tension is formed in relation to the mother-in-law with the daughter-in-law of the house, which causes discord in the house. At times, it is also seen that between the mother-in-law daughter-in-law, the husband gets into a quarrel and takes the side of his mother. In such a situation, stay away from conflicts as far as possible. Keep your side firmly in front of the husband. You can speak to your husband about being equal in behavior by being humble. If even after this, the husband takes the side of his mother, then tell them politely that if they continue to do the same, then in future their marriage life may face many difficulties.

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