make lachcha paratha recipe in restaurant style

Lachcha Paratha Recipe: If you are thinking of making something different from breakfast in breakfast, then Lachha Paratha can prove to be a good and easy option for you. Its flavor will be pleasing to everyone. By the way, you must have tasted this paratha many times at some restaurant etc., but it is also very easy to make at home and it is very tasty to eat. At the same time, it does not take much time to make it. So let’s learn the recipe for making Lacha Paratha

Ingredients for making Lachta Paratha
2 cups all purpose flour
Water as per requirement
1/2 cup ghee
Dried flour for dusting

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Method of preparation of Lachha Paratha
To make Lacha Paratha, first of all, add water to the flour and knead it softly. Now cover it and keep it aside for some time. After this, make eight circular balls from it. Take a dough and roll it into 1/4 cm / 1/8 thickness. Put ghee on the dough. After this, fold it in half and apply ghee on it again. After this, give another fold from the edge. Roll it comfortably, so that it does not burst. Heat the pan and put paratha on it. When its edges start to rise, apply some ghee on it. When both of its sides are well moistened then serve it hotly.

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