Shayari: You are comforted, there is comfort, what is dua, read poetry on peace

Shayari On Peace And Mindfulness: The alphabets of Urdu Shayari are so relaxed that it is considered a sweet sweet tongue with love, which on its own makes the soul relaxed and smiles on the lips. Many poets have threaded all the colors of life in shayari beautifully. There is also happiness in smiling and gum is also hidden. Many famous poets have threaded different realizations with their pen in the form of lion and shayari. Through poetry, poets have also molded peace into very good alphabets. Today, with the help of Rekhtha, we have attended Chand Ashr for you from the same precious kalam of poets. Take such a Kalam of poems that relates peace, relief, then enjoy this precious Kalam … 1. If we could not get it, then what was there in the time of confronting Faqat ek sukoon-e-dil ai zindagi.- Read also Azad Ansari: Shayari On Smile: You smiled and fell in your buds, read poetry on smile 2. If you come to the name of Honton, then you will get relief. – Naish Lailpuri
3. Could not give relief to the world of relief, which came to sleep in the shade of sorrow. – Pyam Fatehpuri 4. In what wonder have you left this agreement in remembering your heart in a relaxed memory. – Fame Bukhari 5. Love was an excuse for relaxed-e-heart and had to stay somewhere tired. – Fatima Hassan 6. The heart’s stubbornness was kept so that the agreement would come tomorrow, it would say something else, I did not know. – Arzoo Lakhanvi 7. Even after getting out of the house, there was no poison in Chan Ai ‘Zahid’, which was in the house. – Abul Mujahid Zahid 8. Who found peace in the world by facing life – Rajesh Reddy 9. Who told the news that Ahl-e-Gham went towards liquor in search of peace, not for liquor. – Mehboob Khizan 10. Find everything in the peace-e-dil Jahan-e-Besh-o-kam, you do not find peace-a-heart. – Jagannath Azad

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