Vardhan Puri, who is preparing to make a biopic on Amrish Puri, wants to bring his grandfather’s life in front

Vardhan Puri will make a biopic on Amrish Puri.  (File photo)

Vardhan Puri will make a biopic on Amrish Puri. (File photo)

Amrish Puri is a name that manages to create awe among the audience with its strong payoff. His dialogue ‘Mogambon Khush Hua’ from the film Mr. India is still heard by people.

ोमुंबई: Amrish Puri Hindi cinema was considered to be the most successful and expensive villain. Amrish Puri’s heavy voice and his look, as well as the dialogue payment was such that people used to get scared. Amrish, who created a stir in Hindi films due to his superb dialogue delivery, is no longer among us. He died on 12 January 2005 in Mumbai due to brain haemorrhage. Vardhan Puri, grandson of Amrish Puri, is preparing to make a biopic on his grandfather’s life. The last film in Amrish Puri’s life was ‘Kisna’, which was released after his death. Amrish Puri had worked in Hindi films as well as many foreign films. He played the role of ‘Khan’ in the international film ‘Gandhi’, for which he was highly praised. Amrish Puri’s grandson Vardhan Puri is an actor as well as a writer. According to Spotboy’s report, Vardhan said about writing and acting on the biopic on his grandfather Amrish Puri, ‘There were rumors that Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor wanted to make a biopic on my grandfather’s life. I just heard about it and I don’t know what is right. But when I got a call about it, I have been thinking about it since then. It is a very good idea to write a film on his life and I am talking to my family about it. My family is also very excited about this. I hope to make a biopic of Amrish Puri one day. Amrish Puri gave his 35 years to the film industry. Over the years, he acted in more than one film. Amrish Puri has left an indelible mark in his acting in over 400 films. Hopefully, the biopic will give the audience more information about his life.

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