If the vaccination is done, this insurance company will give a special discount in the new policy and renewal

  This is how the Reality's Infinity Insurance Policy

This is how the Reality’s Infinity Insurance Policy

Reliance General Insurance wants to ensure the safety of customers. Under this, the company has announced a discount on health policy for those who have had Covid vaccination.

New Delhi. Vaccine is now available in India to protect against Corona. Vaccination Drive is also going on a large scale on behalf of the Government of India. At the same time, Reliance General Insurance also wants to ensure the safety of its customers. This is the reason why the company has planned to reward people who have undergone Covid vaccination. The company has announced special discounts for those who have been vaccinated. This rebate is for the first time policy holders as well as old customers. The company has announced a special discount on taking a new policy or renewing the old policy.

This is how much discount you will get

According to Reliance General Insurance, people who take or renew a Health Infinity Insurance policy after getting the vaccine will get an additional discount of 5 percent on the premium. Rakesh Jain, CEO of Reliance General Insurance, says, “We want to thank IRDAI for the exemption of the Kovid vaccine in our Health Infinity product, as we all need to work together to fight Corona at this time.” We have always encouraged people to seek insurance for the status of a medical emergency. This time we want to do more. This critical time In giving priority to health, we want that everyone get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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This is how the Reality’s Infinity Insurance Policy

The Riyalans Health Infinity Insurance Policy is a comprehensive health insurance plan. Which can be selected for individual or whole family. In this, the option of coverage from three lakh rupees to one crore rupees is chosen in the policy. There is no sub-limit in the policy, and it also offers the option of Patient Care, Daycare Procedure, Hospitalization, Organ donation, Pre and Post Hostpitalization, Medical expenses, Re-store benefit and 90 days free cancellation.

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You can also avail discount in this way

According to the information, the additional discount being given on Reliance Health Infinity policy can be availed only once. Which is five percent and this discount will be in addition to the other discounts applicable when purchasing the new policy, which will reduce the premium further. Its benefits will also be available on the premium charged by the existing policy holders for renewing their policy, but for this it is necessary to get vaccinated only then you will get the benefit of it.

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