Important news for those who get Bank FD, fixed deposit is a plan, otherwise know …

New Delhi: Bank FDs are a great option for all investors to invest in today’s time. Talking about safe investment option in the coronary, first comes the name of bank FD (fixed deposits). If you too are going to get your FD, then this is important news for you. Today we will tell you some important things related to FD. Explain that the lowest interest rate in PSU bank FD is 5 percent. Even after this, it remains the most preferred option of investors because it is risk-free investment options. Through bank FD, investors also get the benefit of tax rebate along with interest. Due to this also it is considered a good investment option. According to Praveen Kutty, head of retail banking at DCB Bank, fixed deposits come with free life insurance without any medical check-up, in which the cover is equal to the FD amount. Also read: Business on Demand! Earn 50 thousand every month by applying just 2 lakhs, the government will also help These are the advantages of investing in FD>> Fixed deposits are considered the safest investment option. >> There is no risk on the principal money deposited in it. In addition, you can also get returns in a fixed period. >> The principal money invested in it is safe because there is no direct effect of market fluctuations on FD. >> In this scheme, investors can avail interest on monthly basis. >> Generally, the rate of interest on FD is high. For senior citizens, it gives the highest returns. >> One has to invest only once in any FD. If the investor has to make more deposits after this, then they will have to open a separate FD account. >> FD has a maturity period, you have to deposit money for this year. But the advantage is that you can withdraw money before the time if needed. Although there is a loss of interest if you break the FD before maturity, you also have to pay some penalty on it. Which is different in different banks. What is the rule of tax deduction on FD Tax is deducted from 0 to 30 percent on fixed deposits. It is deducted based on the income tax slab of the investor. If you earn more than 10,000 rupees in a year, then you will have to pay 10 percent tax on your FD. However, for this, you have to submit a copy of your PAN card. If PAN card is not deposited, then 20% TDS is deducted on it. Also Read: Bill Gates Divorce: Bill Gates And Melinda Separate, Know How Much Property It Owns? If the investor wants to avoid tax deduction, then he should submit Form 15A to his bank. This applies to those who do not fall under any income tax slab. Senior citizens should submit Form 15H to avoid tax deduction.

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