Medical items will be cheap! Government can decide soon on reducing GST

A new agenda is being prepared for the GST Council

A new agenda is being prepared for the GST Council

It is known that on May 3, the Integrated GST on many imported medical items drugs was removed, while on 28% of the GST imposed on Oxygen concentrator, the GST was reduced to 12 percent.

New Delhi. It may be that in the coming days, the cost of medical equipment and life saving drugs will come down. The reason for this is that the Central Government can meet the GST Council in the next few weeks to consider the demand of many states to reduce the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on essential medical items. States like Punjab and Delhi have said that a meeting is needed to reduce tax on essential medical items like oxygen concentrator, ventilator and life saving medicines. States say that the central government can also take an executive decision on this under the GST law. On May 3, the central government removed the integrated GST on many imported medical items. At the same time, the 28 percent GST imposed on the oxygen concentrator was reduced to 12 percent.

A new agenda is being prepared

One Senior The official Officer has Moneycontrol To Told, “this About In Soon Only Meeting Called Will go. GST Council Of for One New Agenda ready did Go Stayed is . One other Officer has said That Next Meeting May In Only Having Of Chance is. although, his The date now decide No Hui is.

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Sisodia wrote a letter to FM

Delhi Of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman To Letter By writing Oxygen Concentrators On Six Month Of Period Of for GST To Remove Of demand Of is. Sisodia has said is That Delhi In Corona Of Fast From Mounting Hue The affairs To See Hue Oxygen Concentrator As Necessary Life-saving machine On GST To Remove Of The need is.

Imported Medical GST government has removed items

Oxygen Concentrator On 28 Percent GST Seems Was, Whom last Week By subtracting 12 Percent did Gone Was Center Government has 3 May To very From Imported Medical Items The drugs On Integrated GST To Remove gave Was In these Oxygen Concentrator, MedicalGrade Auxin, Ventilator And Remedivir, Tosilizumab And Fevipiravir Include Huh. although, Delhi like some State country In Be made Necessary Medical Items On Tax Of Event clear To do Of demand Tax are Huh.

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