Pilots Association threatened! Air India pilots will go on strike if the Corona vaccine is not installed

Many crew members have been found to be corona positive.

Many crew members have been found to be corona positive.

The Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) has written to the Air India management that the flying crew members and their families are struggling for oxygen cylinders. We have been left to treat ourselves. We are not in a position to continue putting our pilot’s life at constant risk without corona vaccination.

New Delhi. The wave of corona and the fear about it is increasing. Alam is that Indian Commercial Pilots The association (ICPA) has India Government To Threat Given is That If 18 The year Of more Ages Of Flying Crew To Priority Of base On Corona The vaccine The engaged pilots will stop the operations of the flights and go on strike. ICPA Air India The pilots Of Organization (Air India pilot union) is. ICPA has Air India To Write Letter In said is That 18 year From up Of All Flying Crew Of for if country Filled In Vaccination The camp By applying Priority Of base On The vaccine No put Has gone, so We work Stop Will give

ICPA has Air India Management To Wrote is That Flying Crew Member And Their Family The ones Oxygen Cylinder Of for struggle Tax are Huh. Us treatment Of for Ours up leave gave Gone is. They said That Flying Crew To Without Health Care Support And the wages Deduction Of cause We this Event In No is That Corona Vaccination Of Without Ours The pilot Of life continuously The risk In Put Stay

many Crew Member Corona Positive Get went Huh

The pilot Union has this Steps Then raised is when Its many Crew Member Corona Positive Get went Huh. Air India Pilots Of tell is That if Management 18 year From more Ages Of Crew Members Of for The pan India Vaccination Camp To put In Failed Lasts is, so They Flights Of Operations Close By doing The strike On Let’s go Will go you Tell Give That Corona Problem Of this During Pilots Of Role Enough Vital is, Because Oxygen From With Medicines By Everyone’s logistic Tax are Huh.

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Kovid From first To meet The one the wages Too resumed To do Of demand

Its Apart from ICPA has Kovid-19 From first To meet The ones the wages resumed To do Of demand Do Hue said That his Member the household market In from all The bad And from all The long Time By Be made Hue the wages Deduction Of Punishment Withstand are Huh. Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Lion Puri To Write One And Letter In Indian Commercial Pilots The association has said That Minister has East In that Assurance lamps Were, She Difficult Of this Time In The pilots Of Per Air India Management Of Said Unconcerned The attitude Of Against shield Of Kind work did.

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Our Complaints On note No Being given

Letter In Wrote Gone is That but Kovid-19 Epidemic Of 12 Months From more Time Of with this our for Enough Discouraged To do Of talk is That your The Office has Too Our Complaints On note No gave. last year Air India has Epidemic Of between Ours The pilots Of the wages In 55 Percent By Of Deduction Of was. although last year December In The total Deduction In Five Percent Of Lack Tax Given Has gone, The pilots To Then Too Kovid From first To meet The ones the wages Of Comparison In the wages Of 50 Percent Part Only The mill Stayed is.

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