World Asthma Day 2021: Breathe fast? These are the symptoms, causes of asthma, know how to prevent

World Asthma Day 2021 Symptoms, Causes and Tips to Prevent Asthma Attacks- Today is World Asthma Day. Asthma is also called asthma. Asthma is a serious lung disease. In this disease, the airways are narrowed and swollen, due to which the patient feels difficulty in breathing. Mucus is also very high in asthma patients. Patients who suffer from asthma more often feel difficulty in talking or staying very active. Some of the major symptoms of asthma are: In the lungs of a person suffering from asthma, there is inflammation in the bronchial tube due to which the lungs are badly affected. Normally during breathing, the muscle bands around the wind pipe become relaxed so that the movement of air becomes easier ie it can be breathed easily. However, due to asthma, the muscles become stiff due to which the air is difficult to move and there is a lot of difficulty in breathing. Read also: World Asthma Day 2021: World Asthma Day is being celebrated all over the world today, know the reason and theme behind itIn individuals with asthma, the windpipe is very delicate, which overrates and narrows even when even a slight change or trigger occurs. Of asthma symptoms: Not every person suffering from asthma shows the same symptoms. From one attack of asthma to the next, symptoms can range from mild to severe …
If a person with asthma shows these symptoms, then he should consult the doctors: – If the face, lips and nails look yellow or blue. – Breathing too fast or abnormally. -When you breathe, the skin around your ribs feels pulled inwards. – Have trouble talking, walking or breathing. When you suffer from asthma, your windpipe is triggered by everything around you. Medical experts call it an asthma trigger, which can cause symptoms or make them more severe. Things that trigger asthma include: – Pollution particles present in the air. – Exercise – Smoking tobacco – Allergies to mold, pollen, dust mites etc. – Infections like flu, cold, sinus – by cleaning or even with strong smelling perfume. – Changes in weather or cold air – Some medicines like aspirin – Stress, anxiety or feelings like stress. Some people with asthma do not see any symptoms for a long time, while some people may face asthma related problems every day. Some people may also experience asthma symptoms during infection such as a cold or during exercise. Important ways to prevent asthma: – Regularly consume the medicines prescribed by the doctor. – Keep an eye on your breath. If something seems unusual, contact a doctor immediately. -Keep tracking your asthma action plan. – Get a vaccine for pneumonia and influenza. – Things you are allergic to and also stay away from pollutants.

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