Linen is in fashion, not this summer season cotton, there are 5 ways you can wear it Carry Linen is being worn more than cotton this summer season, know five ways to wear linen in summer

In the latest summer style, more and more people are choosing to wear linen fabric clothes than cotton.  Image Credit: Pexels / cottonbro

In the latest summer style, more and more people are choosing to wear linen fabric clothes than cotton. Image Credit: Pexels / cottonbro

Summer Style: Linen is of more airy and lighter fabric which is more stylish and summer. Talking about the Summer Collection, this time it is available in a very wide range in the market.

As the summer progresses, we start looking for comfortable clothes in our wardrobes. Till now, our first choice as summer wear was cotton clothes, but let us tell you that in the latest summer style, more and more people are preferring to wear linen fabric. However, there is not much difference between cotton and linen. In comparison, the linen is more ventilated and lighter fabric. Not only this, in terms of design, it is coming in the market with more stylish and summery color collections. This time the collection of this fabric is also available in a very wide range. Looking at the likes of both boys and girls, designs and colors are being seen in the show room. However, due to the new fashion style, there are many people who are hesitating to carry it, so here we tell you how you can style the linen. 1. Great for a casual look If you want, you can wear a linen shirt with jeans or pants. Girls can also carry it with skirts or loose joggers. If you want to give a flattering shape to the linen, keep it half-tuck. In summer, you can carry a beautiful pastel colored dress in any event. With this, you can wear casual sandals and sneakers of your choice. If you want to give it a semi-formal look, then you can also carry a linen jacket in AC. With this, you can wear linen blend chinos or joggers. Just keep in mind that the cut should be tailored instead of boxy or baggy. Also take care not to carry head-to-toe linen or else it may seem strange. Read also: Skin care is very important for men too, keep your care in summer like this

2. No need to hide wrinkles
Linen is a symbol of Relax and Casual Fashion in appearance. In such a situation, if there is a wrinkle on its dress, shirt or pants, then there is no need to hide it. You can also carry it confidently with wrinkles. In fact, the linen fabrics that are being used now are much softer than traditional boxy linen which do not require starch or hard press. In such a situation, you can wash it without any hassle and press it with a steam press. 3. Boxy Grind Avoid Linen is a fabric that takes shape according to the body. In such a situation, do not take linen in boxy shape. Whenever choosing linen clothes, keep in mind that they should have materials like cotton, silk, especially when taking a jacket. The fabric gets a good fall in this material. 4.Lenon is perfect for every occasion Linen is available in the market in many varieties. People are very much liked as polished linen party wear. If you carry it well then it looks good on both formal and casual events. If you want a formal or party look, then carry its blazer. Girls wear it with an A-line dress or button down shirt, it gives a very cool and formal look. If you want an informal look, then you can wear a blazer or shirt and you can climb the sleeve upwards. But if you are thinking of carrying linen pants in the office then by evening it may be that there will be a lot of wrinkles that may look unprofessional. In such a situation, shirt and blazer is the best option for the office. Read also: Troubled by dark circles, then know 8 reasons for this 5. Best for Cool Look Linen has a lot of options for a cool look. You can do this by making a mix and match with your other summer fabrics. Linen is full of neutral and pastel colors, which is a complete summer collection. For a soft-summer look, you can also carry it with your chinos or half pants. With this you can carry the Sleeper or Sandil of choice. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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