Panic in South Africa! All 14 crew members of cargo ship from India to Durban Corona positive

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India Cargo Ship in South Africa: Due to this news, there has been apprehension that the B1.617 form of the virus responsible for the horrific wave of Corona virus in India has also reached South Africa.

Johannesburg. 14 crew members of the cargo ship from India in South Africa have been found infected with the corona virus. This cargo ship came from India to Durban in South Africa. The Transnet National Port Authority of South Africa gave this information. A Transnet spokesperson said that a chief engineer posted on a cargo ship died not from Kovid-19, but from a heart attack. The ship reached Durban on Sunday, after which all 14 crew members were examined, all of whom were found infected. All the crew members have been kept in isolation and the people in contact with them are being traced. US lawmaker expresses concern over Corona’s deteriorating situation in India, letter to Biden Transnet issued a statement on Tuesday, saying, “The entire ship has been kept in isolation and no one has been allowed to enter or enter the ship.” It is the responsibility of the company to find out who comes in contact with this vessel.

A senior port official, on the condition of keeping his identity secret, said that at least 200 personnel were working on the vessel and about three thousand tonnes of rice were being unloaded from the ship since Sunday evening. Rice was loaded in 50-50 kg sacks. This news has led to apprehension that the B.1.617 form of the virus responsible for the horrific wave of corona virus in India has also reached South Africa. South Africa’s Health Minister Jweli Makhije has assured the people that all the people who come in contact with the ship are being identified. He said that direct flights to and from India have already been banned.

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