Dehradun: Minister’s instructions – recruit corona patients first, paperwork later. Dehradun: Minister Ganesh Joshi instruct

Dehradun. Minister for Prevention and Effective Control of Kovid-19 Infection, Minister Ganesh Joshi held a meeting through video conferencing. He inquired about preparations and arrangements to prevent the increased infection of Kovid-10 and gave necessary guidelines. Increase facilities in the hospital On this occasion, the minister said that despite the imposition of Kovid curfew, the number of infected persons is increasing, which needs attention. He said that the number of ICUs, ventilators, oxygen, normal beds should be increased more in districts of the district, so that if an infected needs to be admitted to the hospital, the beds are easily available. He said that in hospitals, the bed, oxygen, ICU, ventilators, etc. should be regularly updated, so that patients and their timers do not have to wander unnecessarily. Minister instructed to keep an eye on pricesThe minister said that in case of emergency, patients should be admitted directly to the hospital and the formalities should be completed later. He said that complaints are being received at some places during the Kovid curfew for charging more than the fixed price, this should be rectified. The concerned officer should also be directed to paste the rate list on the vegetable and ration shops and ensure compliance with the same. For this, he instructed the District Magistrate and Senior Superintendent of Police to make arrangements. He instructed the Municipal Corporation Dehradun to sanitize its area and also sanitize people’s housing complex. He instructed the District Magistrate and Senior Superintendent of Police to ban black marketing, hoarding, over-rating of drugs in the district and area-wide vaccination programs to the Chief Medical Officer. He said that in the district to get a rate list of ambulance rent, treatment in labs and hospitals and various facilities and to ensure 100% compliance of the guideline during the Kovid curfew. The District Magistrate explained the needs and preparations District Magistrate Ashish Kumar Srivastava told Minister Joshi that many hospitals, various institutions are constantly demanding that their institutions be converted into Kovid-19 hospitals. For this, the oxygen quota for the district will have to be increased more. The District Magistrate told the Minister that in order of first instructions from him, a technical team has been set up in the district along with the nodal officers, who daily get information from hospitals about their oxygen consumption, beds, and status of the remedies. Apart from providing medicines, food, sampling facilities to the elderly, disabled and senior citizens, health information of persons living in home isolation is being obtained through the disaster control room and the Kovid control room in ITDA. Also, through 200 teachers, the infected persons are being monitored and their health is being monitored.
These people were in the meeting In this meeting, District Magistrate Ashish Kumar Srivastava, Senior Superintendent of Police Yogendra Singh Rawat, Chief Development Officer Nitika Khandelwal, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anoop Kumar Dimri, Nodal Officers nominated for various arrangements including Municipal Corporation were present.

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