how to keep keep yourself safe in office during corona follow these tips pur

Safety In Work Place: The outbreak of Coronavirus across the country has put people in worry. In view of the increasing cases of corona, lockdown has been imposed in many places. People are locked in homes following social distancing. Essentially wearing masks and repeatedly cleaning your hands with a handwash or sanitizer. Most people are also consuming various types of healthy foods to improve their immunity. However, in the meantime too many people have to go to work. Even though due to Corona, the number of employees in the work place has been reduced to half, but the people going to the office will have to take care of their safety. Let us tell you what precautions you need to take while going to office in Corona. Office workers should take these precautions Sick employees should not go to office If any employee sees any symptoms of being physically ill, then he should not go to office. Go to the office only after fully recovering from the disease.Also read: ‘Salman Fish’, included in the diet in the Corona era, works like an immunity booster. Monitor every employee The employees coming to the office will be closely monitored by the office management. If the employees present in the office are suffering from cold, cold, have difficulty in breathing or if they have a problem of cough, then such a person should be sent home immediately. Apart from this, people who have come in contact with that person should also be sent home. The place where the person sits at the workplace will be well sanitized.
Employees will be made aware The office management should make all the staff and employees aware about all kinds of things related to hygiene and breath. Email should be sent to employees. Posters should be put in place in the office and videos will be played on the screen how employees have to protect themselves in the office. Tissue paper, hand sanitizer, disposable vibes should be present in the office. The finger prints scanner should be removed at the same time. Seating arrangement should be done differently Employees should be seated at a distance of about 6 feet from each other in the office. Unless necessary, all employees should not be called to office together. There should not be any big meeting in the same room. Most of the tasks like meetings are done through phone or online video call only. Regular office cleaning All the things in the office should be regularly cleaned such as counter tops, door handles, remote controls, control panels, desks, computer screens, laptops, lift buttons and hand railings. How to stay safe inside the work place Stay away from crowded places. Talk with colleagues while maintaining social distancing. Must be wearing triple layer masks and gloves. Repeatedly clean the hands with a sanitizer. After touching the railings, door handles, lift buttons and money, do cleanliness of the hands. Avoid using public vehicles to reach the office. Be careful in the lift like this Do not use the lift more than two or four people simultaneously. Avoid using the lift if it is full. Use the stairs more in the office but avoid touching the hand railing. How to clean your desk Keep your desk clean at the work place. To keep it clean, use hand sanitizer, wipes and disinfectant tissues. Before starting the work, clean things like keyboard, computer screen and mouse. Also read: Immunity power will increase as soon as you drink this juice, you will stay away from viral diseases. Do not go to the office when you are sick If you are feeling physically ill, then avoid going to the office. Wear a mask when you have a cold and cold. Use tissues and after use, throw them in the dustbin with a lid. Eat homemade food instead of canteen or food court Employees who go to office eat homemade food instead of canteens or food courts. If possible, use household utensils only. Take full care of your hygiene. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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