If you are fond of flowers, then definitely plant these 5 plants at home in summer, know how to raise them, how to grow summer flower plants at home easy tips to grow

Tips To Grow Plant In Summer : The winter season is usually called the flower season. Regional flowers are out in this season. People apply these flowers in the gardens and pots of their homes, which makes everyone’s heart a garden. But do you know that there are some flowers that bloom in the summer and their fragrance can suit everyone. Yes, fond of gardening, these flowers are kept in pots throughout the year and as soon as summer comes, beautiful flowers start coming in these plants. If you also want to keep flowering plants in your garden during the summer season, then know which plants you bring to your home and how to plant them in pots without tips to help the gardener. 1. Bela Bella is also known as Arabian Jasmine. It is a summer blooming plant. If you want to plant it at home, you can either buy it from the nursery or you can easily plant it from the cuttings of a big plant. To apply this, you should take equal amount of soil, sand and cow dung or cocoapeat in the pot. To apply the cuttings, make a planter by initially cutting a disposable glass or plastic bottle. Under this planter, make a hole in the bottom so that the water comes out easily. Now fill the potting mix in the planter and put the cuttings of the Bella plant. Before applying the cuttings, apply root dry powder on it, so that the roots develop quickly in it. After applying the cuttings, add water over it. Now you have to keep this planter in such a place where it gets light sunlight throughout the day. Do not accidentally place it in a place where there is strong sunlight. In about 10 to 12 days you will see growth in the cuttings and after about a month you can plant your plant in a 12 to 15 inch flower pot. is. Read also: If the height of the child is not increasing, then definitely feed these foods, the effect will be seen in a few days 2. Portulaca This plant is also called Moss Rose and Gul-e-Shama. They are of many colors. You can also apply them by cutting. For this, first fill the soil in a plastic cup and make a hole in its bottom. Now you apply the cuttings to the soil and add water. Keep it in a place where there is no direct sunlight. In one to two weeks, the cuttings will start growing and roots will appear in it. After about a month, you can apply this cutting in a big pot or planter.
3. Sunflower The more beautiful and attractive the sunflower flowers look, the longer they bloom. If you want to plant a sunflower plant, first of all bring a sunflower center from a nursery or seed store. To plant sunflower plants, put 40% fertilizer and 10% sand in 50% soil in the flowerpot. Now sow seeds in it and sprinkle water. In 7 to 10 days, seedlings will start appearing in them. When the sunflower plants start growing, keep the pot in a place where sunlight comes. Offer water only when the soil is dry. Sunflower plants are ready in about three months. 4. Cosmos Orange The plant of Cosmos Orange can also be planted with seeds. To apply it, first take a medium sized pot and fill it with 70% cocopite, 20% clay and 10% sand. Now apply center to it and sprinkle water over it. Now put a polythene sheet on this pot. Doing this helps the seeds to germinate. Place the pot in a place where there is no direct sunlight. These seeds will start sprouting in a week. Now you can remove polythene from these. In about 20-25 days, these plants will become so big that you can plant them in other pots. Also read: Why should one not drink water while standing? Know the reason 5.Boganvillea Bognavillias also bloom in the summer season. They are of many colors. If you want to apply them at home, then bring two to three cuttings to your house and apply it in a 12 to 15 inch clay pot. In this pot, you can apply three to four cuttings at equal distance from each other. It is advisable to use root dry powder while applying cuttings. Now pour water over the pot and keep it in a place where there is no direct sunlight. In about two weeks, you will see growth in your cutting and now you can keep it in the sun. In two-and-three months, your plant of Bognavilia will grow significantly. It is also considered to be the best in monsoon. How to take special care of them Give regular water to the plants. – Give the need of fertilizer once or twice in a month. -Use liquid manure for eating. So, you should keep the banana and onion peels soaked in water for two-three weeks and add water to it and add it to the plants. To prevent pests, spray neem oil with water. – Spraying mixed with baking powder in water keeps insects away. – Plant these trees in the place where there is good sunlight in your house.

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