Knowing the financial lessons from his mother, knowing the woman sitting on the top positions of finance

Token photo images / shutterstock

Token photo images / shutterstock

From the women in the top positions of finance in the corporate world and wanted to know from them what an important financial lesson they had learned from their mother. With this, we took information from them about such financial gifts that children should give to their mothers on this day.

New Delhi. You are not called mother of finance minister at home. No matter how much the budget is, running the house and then saving also so that the money can come in handy during any trouble. The mother only teaches the necessary lessons of life. It is not right now in mother, even before independence, when most women were housewives, no one knew better fund management than them, even today, under the share market, insurance or money. There were no money savings policies, but in spite of that, she managed everything without these. Today Mothers Day (Mother’s Day) Of chance On Moneycontrol has talk Of Corporate Universe In Finance Of Top Positions On Present Women From And Wanted to know from him which one Important Financial Lesson Which is They mine The mother From Learned Was Its with Only We From them As such Financial Gifts Of Information Lee that Children To this day mine The mother To give needed.

Lesson 1: One Emergency Fund Make

HDFC Of Managing Director Renu Interest Karnad has Told That They mine The mother From that from all Important Financial Lesson Learned is She One Emergency Fund Make Of is.Karnad has said, “Their accept Was That Jis The money To Expenditure No did go She Savings Would have is. Such Amount She Emergency Of for Different Holds was.Karnad To memory is That Their The mother Expenditure From more Savings Does was. Examples Of for, if them the option gave go Was so She Flight Taking Of Instead train From Travel Does was And From this Having Wali Savings To Emergency Fund In Kept go Was In Days Most of the Financial adviser Difficult The conditions Of for One Emergency Fund Make Of Advice Giving Huh. Corona like Difficult The round In From this help Get is when job Know or Earnings Less Having Of Apprehension Lives is. if you now By Emergency Fund No Make is so Now Too You him Limited Resources Of with Made up Can Huh.

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Lesson 2: Budget Make And Sense From Expenditure Do the

Mothers Of for Monthly Expenses Of Budget to make And Expenses Of Surveillance do Important Work Huh. Shiroz Of ToFounder, Siddhika Aggarwal To memory is That Their The mother Monthly Expenses One Diary In Writes was. That Diary In She Grocery Bill, Utility Bill like Expenses To Write sometimes No Forget was.

Financial Management Of this Basic The aspect Aggarwal has Beginning In Only See took Was although, She Its after Too Ours Expenses To With Reckless doing. Aggarwal has Told, “when I have Ours The credit The card Bill On The default did so to me That thing Of Importance understand He Came that Mine The mother every Month Does was.Now Apps Of with to me One Diary No To keep Fall And I am Ours Expenses Of Surveillance Tax Can I am I am Savings do Too make sure Does I am

Kotak Mahindra AMC Of Chief Investment Officer (date) And Products Of head, Lakshmi Iyer To memory is That Their The mother mine Earnings From more Expenditure No To do Of Advice Gives was. Iyer has said, “The long Period In From them Got Learning Of Expenditure To do Of Mine Habits And Investment Of Decisions On One Affirmative Impact Lying is.

Lesson 3: Financial The goals To decide do And them whole To do Of for Investment do

Older Era Of Women has Investment On Return Of In terms of From more No Think Was, but They Know was That Us Why the Savings To do needed. easy The words In him Financial aim said Go can is. Karnad Those Tries And Financial Plan On Emphasis Gives Huh that One House To buy Of for needed. They said, “if You home Loan With One To buy Of Plan Made up are Huh so you this decide do Will happen That How many The beginners Amount you Give Will be And How much home Loan Taking Of The need is.Mutual Fund you Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Start To do Of Facility Giving Huh With which you Five, 10 Years In One decide Amount By Arriving Of for Monthly Savings To do In help Get is. Iyer To memory is That Their The mother Any The big Shopping Of for Fixed Deposit In Investment Does was. They Told, “From this to me market In UpsAscension Of During The quiet Living In Reality In help Received

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Lesson 1: Investment To Diversify do Karnad Of The mother Of Kind Most of the Women Fixed Deposit In Savings do or Savings Account In Amount to keep like Does Huh. Karnad has Told, “them Such Savings And Investment On Less Return The mill Stayed Was I have them Investment Of other The means And Diversification Of About In Told.Its after She Ours Investment To Diversify To do On Agree Ho Has gone.
Lesson 2: Digital Gold Schemes In Investment do Usually On Women Physical Gold Coin And Jewelery In Investment do like Does Huh. Aggarwal has said, “Physical Gold Jewelery To buy On 15-20 Percent Making Charge give Would is. Physical Gold In Investment To do From Their The mother Of Investment On actual Return To meet Of Instead Depreciation Of Loss Ho Stayed Was I have them Sovereign Gold Bond In Investment Of Benefits Of About In Told And Now She in that Investment Does Huh With which some Return Get is. The same Kind Iyer has Too mine The mother To Physical Gold Of Instead Gold Fund In Investment To do Of for Convinced did In which Bank The locker Of Kind Storage Cost No Would have been.
The mother To Give Health Insurance Policy Of Gifts Older The people To Medical Help Of often The need Would have is And this Epidemic In Enough Health Insurance The cover Happen very Important is. Aggarwal And Karnad Both has mine The mother Of for Health Insurance Policy Purchased is And Time Of with its Even Insured Too Enhanced is.

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