Mother’s Day celebrating HDFC Bank’s #MaaKiKhushiKeLiye campaign with a smile on her face

HDFC Bank On the occasion of Mother’s Day, there are many lovely campaigns which throw light on the fact that a mother gets true happiness and peace knowing that her child is responsible, healthy and safe. Especially during this difficult time, a mother is always concerned about whether her child is taking all precautions, eating on time, taking care of her health and well with the stress and challenge of this epidemic. Is settling At the same time, as a child, the best gift we can give to our selfless mother is the assurance that we are safe and are adopting all uncertain changes well. #MaaKiKhushiKeLiye is a simple but powerful concept chosen by HDF Bank as a heart-touching and reliable campaign on Mother’s Day. Watch video here

Youtube Video

Through a heart-touching moment of montage, this unique campaign beautifully captures the small moments of everyday life as a fascinating story where the lessons taught by the mother have made children responsible, self-reliant and others. The caring noble helped to become a human being. In this video, 4 different mothers and their children are shown, mothers immediately smile happily when they see that their child works responsibly and adopts a healthy and happy life. The video shows a long series of positive messages and summarizes how children’s good qualities and responsible attitude are the most joyful and comforting things for the mother. The conditions shown here reflect real life, whether it is a son cooking in the kitchen instead of going out, a daughter working from home, another daughter who is watching her mother complete a video KYC (KYC) and sitting at home in HDFC Bank. Congratulations for opening an account or a son who has come with a Kovid vaccine. All these small things enhance the mood of a mother and knowing that her children are safe and happy brings a smile on her face. So, let’s celebrate this Mother’s Day and bring joy to the face of our incredible mothers #MaaKiKhushiKeLiye Here are options for social copies: >> In this moment of examination, nothing can be better for a mother than knowing that her child is healthy and safe. On this #MothersDay, let’s work for MaaKiKhushiKeLiye and bring smiles to the faces of our incredible mothers HappyMothersDay >> Our little gestures mean so much to the mother. So on this #MothersDay, let’s work for MaaKiKhushiKeLiye and bring a smile to the face of our wonderful mothers HappyMothersDay >> No better happiness for you mother. Take care of yourself, keep the mother’s smile #MaaKiKhushiKeLiye #HappyMothersDay

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