Tata group told how to avoid this epidemic, how will the lives of people be saved?

New Delhi: Amid the second wave of Corona in the country, a Tata Group official said that only through vaccination can the country be saved. The Tata group is helping in this time of crisis in every way. The Tata group is in the process of bringing 60 cryogenic containers from overseas and setting up around 400 oxygen production units. These oxygen generating units can be used in hospitals in small cities, which will help in dealing with the second wave of epidemic. Along with this, the group is preparing cold chains so that they can be used in case of acceptance of vaccines requiring low temperature for transport. “I think the faster and quicker we will be able to vaccinate our people, the better it will be because it is a clear way to protect our people,” Tata Sons president Banmali Agarwal told PTI. Asked if India needed more vaccines from other manufacturers, he said, “Definitely.” Whatever is necessary to get people vaccinated fast, needs to be done. But, you have to do it safely … You have to do it with due diligence while following the procedure in the context of the test. “Agarwal said,” Obviously, if you have manufacturers The higher the number, the easier it will be, the more vaccines, the easier it may be for all our people to vaccinate. Approved limited emergency use of v. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories will import this vaccine. This has cleared the way for the use of third vaccine in the country. Earlier, in January this year, the Controller General of India (DCGI) approved the emergency use of two vaccines of Kovid-19 … Bharat Biotech’s Kovaxin and Oxford-Astragenka’s Kovishield …. Kovishield is producing the Serum Institute of India in Pune. Aggarwal said that the Tata group is preparing to support the vaccination program. “We are getting ready in a way.” If we have a vaccine that needs some cold chain, then we are preparing it with this in mind. Fortunately, within the group, we have companies like Voltas. “He also said,” We cannot be denied investment in health related infrastructure facilities in the long run. It is important for the country. Aggarwal said that at the moment it is clear that the growth and development of the economy depends on the ability to deal with and manage Kovid-19. “If we manage it properly, then things will improve.” Otherwise, challenges will have to be faced …. I am confident that we can do it (managed). ”

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