Is your immunity weak? Identify your immunity in this way: Immunity know how to check your immunity strong or immune system weak here best immunity boaster food

How To Check Your Immunity : The Cororna epidemic has reached its peak. In such a situation, doctors and scientists are constantly discussing that those whose immunity is weak should stay in more protection and do not go outside the house. In the second wave of Corona, the virus is proving fatal for those whose immunity is weak. Experts say that as soon as the body’s immunity week, the virus is attacking them and making them sick while patients with strong immunity are recovering quickly. Let us tell you that white blood cells, antibodies and many other elements make our immune system and protect us from external infection. In such a situation, people whose immunity is not good, they start falling ill only due to change of weather. Remember that ever since the corona epidemic has spread all over the world, there has been talk of increasing immunity till now. For this, yoga, exercise to better food and life style are also being talked about. People are following all these things. In such a situation, the only question in everyone’s mind is how do we identify our own immunity. So let us tell here what are the systems of our body that tell how your immunity is working. Find out if the immunity is strong or weak If there is a slight change in the weather, if you get a cold, cold, cough, that is, your immunity is weak. Such people also fall ill soon. – Those whose immunity is weak, they are struggling with some health problem throughout the year. – People with weak immunity are susceptible to food poisoning or eating anything outside. Read also: Keep children close to nature even during the Corona period, brain development will happen with fun
– Those whose immunity is weak, dark circles under their eyes are very predominant. – If you do not feel refreshed after waking up in the morning, that is, maybe your immunity week is over. – Energy level is low in these people throughout the day and sleepy all the time. These people get tired soon. – Often there is a stomach problem and there is difficulty in digestion. – Irritability is seen in the nature of those who have an immunity week. Identify strong immunity like this -If your Strong immunity. You do not need medicines to cure any kind of infection or diseases. Those who have a strong immune system, they protect themselves from viral and other types of infections. -The problem of cold and cough is not seen in these people soon. Not only this, even if it happens, it is easily cured. – Those who have strong immunity, if there is a wound or any injury in their body, they do not take much time to heal and they recover quickly. Do these things in food to increase immunityHealthline According to this, include citric fruit such as orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, kiwi etc. in your diet. Eat foods rich in vitamin C. In vegetables, red bell paper, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, etc. must be consumed. They have a lot of anti-oxidant, vitamin C and immunity boost properties. Read also: Mother’s Day 2021 Celebration Ideas: Celebrate Mother’s Day at home in Corona period, will be memorable

– Eat curd. It contains Vitamin D which makes the immune system strong. – Definitely use different types of seeds. Apart from these, papaya, turmeric, green tea, chicken, egg etc. are also helpful in strengthening the immune system of our body. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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