Market giants eyeing this favorite stock of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala! See what you have too

  A reshuffle in Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's portfolio is like a big event

A reshuffle in Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s portfolio is like a big event

Like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, all the market giants are bullish in this auto stock from the perspective of short and medium term. Market giants are giving this stock a buy tag even in the growing cases of Corona in India.

New Delhi. Recently Rakesh Rakesh Tingling (Rakesh Jhunjhunwala) has Ours Portfolios In Include 12 stock (Stock) Of The position In Shuffling Of was. But there are some stocks in which they Conviction Of with Vaccines Hue Huh. Especially That Event In when Kovid -19 (Covid -19)Of The second Wave Of Go market In Heavy UpsAscension To see To The mill Stayed Ho Bigbul (Big Bull) Of Portfolios In Shuffling Retail Investors Of for Enough The big Importance Holds is. These Shares I have one Bye Motors (Tata Motors) Shares of. Corona Virus And Regardless of the total lockdown in many cities of the country Auto Sector Pressure In Ho but Boren Buffet Tata Motors  1.92 Percent Share Of with Be made Hue Huh. Rakesh Tingling Of Kind Only All The market The legendary Too this Auto stock In Short And Medium Term Of The attitudes From Bullish Be made Hue Huh. market The legendary India In Corona Of Mounting The affairs Of between Too this share To buy The tag Give are Huh.

share In some And Consolidation Of Waiting do needed

GCL Securities Of Ravi singhal Of tell is That Mounting Kovid-19 The affairs Of Impact Tata Group Of this share Digested Had finished is. Tata Motors, Bye Group Of The big company is Whose Fundamentals Enough strong Huh. One times Kovid-19 Of Pressure Less Occur Only this Indian market Of from all Fast From up Side Move Does happen share Will happen.but now Us this share In some And Consolidation Of Waiting do needed.

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Bye Motors In Short Term In Purchase Of Advice

SMC To Mudit Goyal Of Bye Motors In Short Term In Purchase Of Advice is. Their tell is That this share In Present Level On 287 Rupees Of Stoploss Of with 332 Rupees Of aim Of for Shopping To do needed. All Retail Investors Of for Rakesh Tingling Of Portfolio In someone Shuffling One The big Event Of Kind Would is. Investors To Advice is That She Bye Motors In 280 Rupees Of Nearby 340 Rupees Of Short Term aim Of for And 370 Rupees Of Medium Period Of aim Of for 6 Month Of for Shopping Do.

Recently increased share in it

Rakesh Tingling has One Side some The companies In mine Share Reduced is. There itself MCX, Fortis Healthcare And Agrotech Foods In mine Share Increased is. Rakesh Tingling Of Portfolio In Include The companies By Given Has gone share Holding The pattern Of Information On vision Insert so Rakesh Tingling has Titan like some The companies In mine Share Minus Tax In The companies In mine Share Increased is.

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