PNB may launch QIP soon Base size may be as high as Rs 10 million, know details

This move of the bank is being considered as an exercise to increase its capital base.

This move of the bank is being considered as an exercise to increase its capital base.

According to the exclusive information received by CNBC Awaaz, the base size of the bank’s QIP could be Rs 12,00 crore. There will also be an option to increase this issue to Rs 1800 crore. According to preliminary information, the indicative offer price of this QIP can be Rs 33.75 per share.

The new Delhi. share market In Interested Keep This is good news for the people. Punjab National Bank (Punjab National Bank) Soon Only Qualified Institutional Placement QIP Launch Tax can is. CNBC Voice To Got exclusive Information Of According to, Of the bank QIP Base of Size 12,00 Crore Rupees Ho can is. this The issue To Enhanced 1800 Crore Rupees To do Of Too the option Will happen. The beginners Information Of According to, this QIP Of Indicative Offer Price 33.75 Rupees Per share Stay Can is.although Management Of Side From now this About In someone Announcement No did Gone is. Bank Of this Steps To ours Capital Base To enhance Of Drill agreed Go Stayed is. this The official Bank has February In said Was That Present Quarter Of During Shares Of The sale Of Via Her 3200 Crore Rupees Raising Of Plan is. Its first December 2020 In PNB has QIP Of Via 3,788 Crore Rupees Mobilized Were Whose after Bank In Government Of Share 85.59 Percent From Less 76.87 Percent On come Has gone was.

The profits 87.3 Percent Of The edge Of with 948 Crore Rupees Stay can is

Brokerage House share Khan Of an estimate is That The fourth Quarter In Bank Of The profits Quarter base On 87.3 Percent Of The edge Of with 948 Crore Rupees Stay can is. There itself this Period In Bank Of Interest Income Yearly base On 83.3 Percent And Quarter base On 3.3 Percent increase 8,586 Crore Rupees On Stay Can is. while this Period In Bank Of PreProvisioning Profit (PPF) Yearly base On 62 Percent increase And Quarter base On 0.3 Percent Less 6,372 Crore Rupees On Stay can is.

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What is Qualified Institutional Placement

In fact, qualified institutional placements (QIPs) are a way for companies to raise capital. The listed company on the stock market raises capital by issuing securities such as shares, partial or fully convertible debentures in addition to warrants to qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) under QIP. These securities are converted into shares after a fixed period. Apart from preferential allocation, this is another way to raise capital soon. Sebi started it in 2006 to allow domestic companies to raise money from the market in a short period of time. Its purpose was also to reduce the excessive dependence of domestic companies on foreign capital.

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