So far one lakh railway employees are corona victims! Nearly 2 thousand deaths and more than 1 thousand infected every day

At present 4,000 railway personnel or their family members are admitted in these hospitals.

At present 4,000 railway personnel or their family members are admitted in these hospitals.

All India Railwaymen’s Federation wrote a few days ago to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal demanding that the families of railway workers who lost their lives working during the Corona virus crisis be compensated like frontline workers.

New Delhi. The second wave of Coronavirus has brought destruction. Every day hundreds of deaths and thousands have become infected. Meanwhile, the news that has come from the Indian Railways about the Corona virus is going to hurt more. This epidemic Of between Oxygen Express (Oxygen Express) By driving Millions The people Of life Save Wali Indian railway (Indian Railways) Of Now By near One lakh Staff (Employee) Corona Of Prey (Corona affected) Ho Had Huh. In these From approximately 2,000 The people On his life (Death) By Lost gas railway Of Senior Officer has Monday To Told That Corona Virus Infection Of The reason From railway Of 1,952 Staff Now By life Lost Had Huh And Daily near 1,000 Staff Infected Ho are Huh.

railway Board Of Chairman Sunit Sharma name of cast (Suneet Sharma) has said That railway Any other State or Area From Different No is And We Too Kovid Of The cases Withstand are Huh. We transportation Of work Do Huh And Luggage and The people To Bring And Take Go Huh. Daily near 1000 (Kovid) The cases Front come are Huh. They said That our Ours Hospital Huh, We The beds Of Number Increased is, rail Hospitals In Oxygen Plant Made Huh.

Railways is the world’s most employer

Sharma name of cast has said That We Ours The employees Of note Keeping Huh. for the time being 4,000 railway staff or Their Family Of Member In Hospitals In Recruitment Huh. They said That our Effort this is That they soon OK Should be last year March From Tomorrow By 1952 rail Personnel Of Kovid-19 Epidemic From life Go Finished is. Tell Give That railway not Only India Rather world Of from all big Employer is, In which 13 lakh Staff work Do Huh.

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Frontline Workers Declare demand

All India Railwaymen Federation Name Of One Railwaymen Of Federation has some Days first rail Minister Piyush Goyal To Letter By writing demand Of was That Corona Virus Problem Of During work Do Hue life To lose The ones Railwaymen Of Family To Frontline Workers (frontline workers) Of Kind Only Compensation gave Go They Letter In said That As That Frontline Workers Of for Declaration Of Has gone is, these staff Too 50 lakh Rupees Of Compensation Of Entitled to Huh, not That 25 lakh Rupees Of that them now gave Go Stayed is.

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