these films will give children better thinking with entertainment

Show children movies that improve thinking and learning- Image / pexels-ketut-subiyanto

Show children movies that improve thinking and learning- Image / pexels-ketut-subiyanto

Movies For Kid’s – In this period of lockdown (In period of lockdown), for the entertainment of children (For entertainment of children), instead of computer games, choose these special films. These films will not only entertain your child, but will also give better thinking and learning.

Movies For Kid’s- Due to corona, children living in the house for a long time mostly put their mind either in the computer or in the mobile to entertain themselves. But in this phase of lockdown, you can choose some special films to entertain children. You too will not feel bored on seeing them again. To watch these films, sit down with them yourself and inspire the children to watch these films. Those are the special films that children must watch, let us know. Taare Zameen Par This film is a great film to entertain children and to teach them. This film depicts the story of a child struggling with a learning disorder. This message has been given in this film that if a child’s mind is not engaged in studies, then how should the child be explained. By this, the children will not only learn but there will be a lesson for the parents as well. The songs of the film and the acting of Aamir Khan and Darsheel Safari will also entertain you a lot. Also read: Never keep these things in the children’s room, it can be dangerous

Street boy

This film will also entertain the children a lot, as well as it will also learn how important it is for children to have parents feel proud. Also, the desire to live and make dreams come true is also shown in the film. Ranveer Singh has played the lead role in the film.
Silent silence Through this film, an attempt has been made to teach that a woman working in people’s homes can do anything to educate her child. Seeing the sacrifice of his mother, how the urge to read in the daughter and improve her future is also shown. Swara Bhaskar has played the lead role in this film. By watching the film, the children will learn and their amusement will also be great. Also read: Keep these things in mind when buying toys for children


In this film, there will be a lot of entertainment of the children, even after watching the parents many times, they will enjoy it. Also, through the film, children will also know the difference between faith and blind faith in God. Actually, in this film, Aamir Khan has done the work of removing the curtains on the blind beliefs spread in the society. There is plenty of comedy in the film, so the songs are also excellent. The flight In this film, the communication gap between children and parents is shown. In the film, it has been learned that the way the communication gap between children and their parents increases due to teaching the children Discipline to a great extent. After watching this film, both children and parents will be inspired to walk in harmony with each other. You will also have plenty of entertainment in the film. 3 Idiots As many times you see this film, you will always see newness in it. In this film, the story of three friends is shown and it has been learned that students need to understand rather than rote learning, only then they can make a better future. Also, an attempt has been made to convince the parents that their children should be free to choose the career of their choice, not their choice. Only then can they choose a better career. Aamir Khan, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi have acted in the film.

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