20 dead including nine children in conflict with Israel says Palestinian officer

  (AP Photo/Mohammed Ali)

(AP Photo/Mohammed Ali)

Israel Palestine conflict: 20 people, including nine children, died in a conflict with Israel in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian officials gave this information.

Jerusalem. In the Gaza Strip, 20 people, including nine children, were killed in a clash with Israel. Palestinian health officials gave this information. According to the number of dead, this day has been one of the most bloodshed days in the last several years. The Ministry of Health did not provide any information related to the death of the dead but at least seven people of the same family, including three children, were killed in an explosion in northern Gaza. The Israeli military said that in response to the rocket being fired from Gaza, it targeted several Hamas targets. UN Security Council holds an emergency meeting At the same time, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on the escalating violence in East Jerusalem on Monday and discussed a proposed statement, calling on Israel to exercise “restraint” about the case and to maintain the historic status quo at these holy sites. Honor. Ireland’s Ambassador to the United Nations Geraldine Byrne Nasson said that “the Security Council should speak immediately, and we hope that it will be able to do so today.”

Council diplomats said all 15 members expressed concern over the clashes and escalating violence, but Israel’s closest ally, the US, said a statement might not be useful at this time. However, the US agreed to discuss this statement by the council’s experts. (With language input)

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