Can corona virus spread through toilet pipes? Learn what came out in research

The virus can also spread through toilet pipes.  Image / shutterstock

The virus can also spread through toilet pipes. Image / shutterstock

Many types of research are being done on the corona virus. At the same time, it has come as a shocking fact that Coronavirus can be spread to other people through the toilet pipe of the houses.

The second wave of Coronavirus is causing havoc. People are losing their lives by falling prey to it. At the same time, there is a possibility of its third wave coming. In such a situation where fear is widespread among people, scientists are also collecting many types of information about it. So far, it has been reported about corona infection that the airborne virus (Virus) enters a healthy person through the eyes, nose, mouth when coughing or sneezing of a Corona Infected person. At the same time, it has also come as a shocking fact that the corona virus can be spread to other people through the toilet pipe of the houses. There itself NBT It has been cited in a report that by flushing the virus comes out and gets into the air. Joseph G. Allen, director of the Healthy Building Program at Harvard University’s TH Chan School of Public Health, says that as soon as we flush, we get one million particles per cubic meter of air. All of them do not carry the virus, but those who use it in public toilets later on, may be a threat to them. That is, using the toilet of the corona infected will put others at risk of infection. In such a situation, the question is also arising that if the corona virus can spread from the toilet of one flat in the building of the society to the other toilet as well. For this, an example of a building in Hong Kong was given. Under this, scientists believe that the virus was transmitted through the plumbing system in the building here. The Amoy Garden SARS outbreak in 2003 in Hong Kong is exposed. In its 50-storey building, Amoy Garden, 342 people of this building became ill and 42 died due to the outbreak of the SARS epidemic. According to scientists, the virus was communicated through the plumbing system in this building. Also read – There will be no side effects after applying Corona vaccine, take these things in the dietVirus can spread like this from the patient’s toilet At the same time, Science magazine writer Jolene Kaiser wrote about an incident in Guanju in this regard that a five-member family infected with the virus had returned from Wuhan. A couple of days later, two pairs of his apartment were infected. After this, it was revealed through Chinese scientists that the pipes of all the flats were connected to the patient’s flat, which caused the virus to reach elsewhere. Actually, all five members of the family were infected in the building of Guanju. In such a situation, the amount of virus in the toilet was very high. Also Read – Corona Positive Avoid Food For Quick Recovery
According to an article published in The Lancet, the virus will also be present in large quantities in the environment due to the presence of more infected people in one place. At the same time, this fear also cannot be dismissed in India. In such a situation, there is no denying that if many people are infected in one apartment, then it is possible that the virus can reach other apartments in the line of their pipes through their toilet. Take some precautions in this situation.

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