Decision on import of 1.5 lakh metric tons of urad was extended till May 15, due to which the decision was taken

Pulses and oilseeds are the most produced in India

Pulses and oilseeds are the most produced in India

India is also the largest consumer of pulses, oilseeds. In the last 5-6 years, the production of pulses in India has increased from 140 lakh tons to more than 240 lakh tons. In the year 2019-20, India produced 23.15 million tonnes of pulses, which is 23.62 percent of the whole world.

New Delhi. Center Government (Central Govt) 1.5 lakh Mitric Ton Urad Of lentils Of Import (Import) Of The last The date 15 By Increased Given is. Due to the Second Wave of Corona Virus, the date has been extended keeping in mind the effect of the lockdown and other restrictions in many states in India. Before before his The last The date 30 April was. Commerce Ministry (Commerce ministry )has this relation In 7 May To Notification (Notification) Ongoing did Was Do you know India In Pulses And Oilseeds Of production (production ) from all more Would is.

Its with Only India Pulses, Oilseeds Of from all big Consumer Too is. last 5-6 year In India In Pulses Of production 140 lakh Ton From increase 240 lakh Ton From more Ho Gone is. year 2019-20 In, India In 23.15 Million Ton Pulses Of Yield Hui was that That Complete world Of 23.62 Percent is.

Imports happened so much last year

last Fiscal Year 2020-21 In India In Toor Of lentils 38.80 lakh Metric Ton, Urad Of lentils 24.50 Metric Ton, Lentil Of lentils 13.50 Metric Ton, Mung bean Of lentils 26.20 Metric Ton And gram Of lentils 116.20 Mitric Ton Yield Hui was. There itself Toor Of lentils 4.440 Metric Ton, Urad Of lentils 3.21 Metric Ton, Lentil Of lentils 11.01 Metric Ton, Mung bean Of lentils 0.52 Metric Ton And gram Of lentils 2.91 Metric Ton Import do Lying Was

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Pulses Of Yield Increase Of for Government has Enhanced this Steps

Government Pulses Of production To enhance Of for continuously Effort Tax doing is. Center Government has Decision took is That 82.01 Crore Rupees Of seed Of 20 lakh From more MiniKit Distribute Will go So that crop The year 2021-22 (JulyJune) Of KMS The session In Pulses Of production To encouragement gave Go Could. KMS (heat) Of weather In Sowing June In SouthThe west Monsoon Of Beginning Of with Start Would have is. Monsoon this year Normal Living Of an estimate Expressed Gone is. KMS Of Important Pulses Crops In Your, Mung bean And Urad Of farming Huh.

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