Now the claim settlement of LIC has been made easier, know what changes have been made and what are the new rules

LIC will accept the life certificate sent by email.

LIC will accept the life certificate sent by email.

LIC said that due to the delay in the death of the policyholder, his nominee will be able to give other proof of death due to the delay in getting the Municipal Death Certificate. Earlier, it was mandatory to give the death certificate for the claim settlement.

New Delhi. On the one hand, where thousands of deaths are being caused every day by the Corona virus in the country, on the other hand their families get very upset at the time that there is a policy of death and the process of claim settlement starts for it. Companies have their own rules. Due to which many times family members have to be very upset. this is the reason Corona Virus Of The cases Grow up Of between country Of from all The big Insurance company Life Insurance Corporation Off India (LIC) has Claim settlement In Ours Policyholders To The big relief Given is. LIC has Claim settlement Of for Necessary Documents Death certificate Of Change Death Of Alternative The proofs To Recognition Given is.

LIC has said That Policyholder Of Death Having Of Event In The delay Of cause Municipal Death Certificate To meet In The delay Having On Their Nominee Death Of other The proof Give Will be able to. From this first Claim settlement Of for Death Certificate give mandatory Was but Now Policy Holder Death Certificate Of Change Discharge Summary or Death Summary Give Can Huh In which Death Of The date And Time Any Too Recognition Received Hospital By Ankit Ho.

This thing has to be taken care of

Claim settlement Of for Government, Employee state Insurance Corporation, Armed Forces And Corporate Hospitals Of And From Ongoing Death Summary To Too Accept Will do in this Death Of day And Time Happen needed. although, this Document On LIC Of Class Forest Officer or 10 Years From more Of Experience The ones Development Officer Of the counter Sign Happen Necessary is.

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Not even mandatory to submit life certificate

Its with Only The last The verb or Burial Of certificate Too give Will happen. There itself, Others The affairs In first Of Kind Only Death The proof Letter give Will happen. LIC has Capital Return The ones Annuities (annuities ) Of for Life Certificate deposit To do Of Rule To 31 October 2021 By Of for Over Tax gave is. Its with Only LIC E-mail Of By Send went Life Certificate so Accept Tax Will take with Only Policy holder Now Maturity Claims Of for Too Documents near Of Any Too LIC Office In deposit Do Will be able to. LIC has Claim Of Fast From settlement Of for OIL Based on The record Creation Start did is. condition Of Days In some Insurance The companies Of And From Claim settlement To With worried To do Of Complaints Got was. Its after company has this Steps raised is.

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