Petrol, Diesel Price Today: Petrol Diesel Price Reaches Record High, Many Cities Across Rs 100, Learn More How Much The Rate Will Increase

New Delhi. Petrol, diesel price (Petrol, Diesel Price Today) has seen a steady increase since last one week. After which the prices of petrol and diesel have reached a record high on Tuesday. Petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter in many cities of the country. According to the new rates released by the government oil companies, the price of petrol has been increased by 27 paise and diesel by 30 paise per liter today. At the same time, the price of petrol was increased by 26 paise and the price of diesel by 33 paise per liter. Petrol can be expensive by 4 rupees Anuj Gupta, Vice President (Commodities and Currency), IIFL Securities, said that with the increase in demand, crude oil has started getting expensive. In such a situation, there is great hope that by the end of this month, Brent crude can reach $ 75 per barrel. If this happens, then petrol in the Indian market can be expensive by 3 to 4 rupees. Also read: PNB launches special FD scheme, customers will get more interest and bigger profits – know interest rateKnow which cities petrol is beyond 100 rupees liter >> Petrol in Sriganganagar is Rs 102.70 and diesel is Rs 95.06 per liter. >> Petrol in Anuppur is Rs 102.40 and diesel is Rs 93.06 per liter. >> Petrol in Rewa is Rs 102.04 and diesel is Rs 92.73 per liter. >> Petrol in Parbhani is Rs 100.50 and diesel is Rs 90.41 per liter. >> Petrol in Indore is Rs 99.90 and diesel is Rs 90.77 per liter. >> Petrol in Bhopal is Rs 99.83 and diesel is Rs 90.68 per liter. Learn petrol diesel prices in four metros >> Petrol in Delhi is Rs 91.80 and diesel is Rs 82.36 per liter. >> Petrol in Mumbai is Rs 98.12 and diesel is Rs 89.48 per liter. >> Petrol in Chennai is Rs 93.62 and diesel is Rs 87.25 per liter. >> Petrol in Kolkata is Rs 91.92 and diesel is Rs 85.20 per liter. Prices change every day at 6 am The price of petrol and diesel changes at 6 am every day. The new rates are applicable from 6 o’clock in the morning. After adding excise duty, dealer commission and other things to the price of petrol diesel, its price almost doubles. Petrol and diesel prices change every day, depending on what the prices of crude are in the international market along with the foreign exchange rates. Also read: Now rating agency CRISIL also reduced India’s growth rate, 8.2%

Check your city rates like this You can find out the price of petrol diesel through SMS. Petrol diesel prices are updated daily at 6 am. According to the website of IndianOil, you have to type your city code with RSP and send an SMS to the number 9224992249. Every city code is different. You can see this from the website of IOCL. At the same time, you can know the price of petrol diesel in your city by sending a message to BPCL Customer RSP 9223112222 and HPCL Customer HPPrice by sending 9222201122 message.

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