Privacy, security and business: know the importance of data protection law

New Delhi. On the one hand, the government should pass the data protection law and implement it according to the realities of the society, on the other hand companies should also collect data as needed keeping in view the global privacy practices. At the same time, users should become aware of their privacy and take steps in digital world. Recently WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has been in great discussion. Through this new policy, we understand the confluence of privacy, trade and security. Private chat and end to end encryption First of all it is important to understand that our personal chat and Secured through two-end encryption technology. As soon as you touch the ‘send’ button on your phone, your message turns into a redundant alphanumeric message that can only be read through the hidden decryption key in your friend’s phone. That means no third person other than the person sending and receiving the message, be it a company, a government, or a hacker, no one can read that message. That message is protected under end to end encryption. Also read: Twitter extends hand to tackle Corona crisis, donates $ 1.5 millionBusiness chat Private chat and business chat are quite different. Where private chat apps are done by their family or friends, some companies sell goods and services through business chat. Now if you chat with a business account, then it can give it to any third company to analyze it, one of which is Facebook. Here we should understand that if you want tomorrow, by analyzing the things that have been done to all your friends on your WhatsApp, you can know how many people would wake up at night, or who likes to chat in English and who in Hindi. Now in the same way companies also try to analyze their chats. It is important here that if companies are doing this, then the consumer should know that their chat is being analyzed by someone and permission should be taken from them. Business accounts on WhatsApp clearly state that they will get your data analyzed. Now you have to do business with them or not, it is your wish. But if you have any problem, then you have a provision to block or report business account. Security Another important question arises that apart from business chat, whatsapp is taking our data, only whatsapp or citizens also benefit from this? First of all, the data of our private chat cannot be taken by WhatsApp, remember and Two end Encryption shield. Apart from this, they store data like our profile photo, status, login time. But it is also used to help the police. They share this data with the police only after the presentation of a warrant, which helps in the criminal investigation. Now chat to end Two end Encrypted is for the protection of civilians, but the rest of this data is very helpful in catching fake news, drug trade, bigotry, and thieves who spread child sexual exploitation material. Also Read: Petrol, Diesel Price Today: Petrol Diesel Reaches Record High, In Many Cities, Beyond Rs 100, Learn More How Much The Price Will Increase Need for data protection law Data can be used for all good and bad things. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy brings transparency along with many important questions as well as the user’s data, when, where, how much and how it is used. Because many companies are doing silent work without telling this or through automatic updates. So who can collect and use so much data, there is a need to regulate it. The steps taken by the government in this direction must match our economic realities. Today both our society and economy depend on data. All our decisions should be taken keeping in mind both privacy and economy. Many people have also criticized the stringent legal ban in Europe. We need to go ahead and pass the Indian data protection law, so that the privacy of citizens can be ensured by proper regulations without doing much harm to our economy. The most important thing is to be informed. All am going away from the hustle and understanding how we can protect our privacy ourselves. The government will only do its work, but its own privacy!

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