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In India, the second wave of Corona virus (Coronavirus 2nd Wave) has disturbed the people. This time more cases of infection are seen in youth and children. In view of the increasing cases of Corona, people are being appealed to stay in their homes. At the same time, lockdown has also been installed in many places. According to doctors, it is essential to wear a triple layer mask, clean hands repeatedly with soap or handwash and adopt social distancing. At the same time, in this second wave of Corona, there are more women who have just become mothers or whose children are very young. Daily newspaper According to the news of, the risk of corona infection is evident even in young children. Let’s know if young children are really at risk from corona and what steps can be taken to protect them. Earlier it was being said that the immunity of newborns and young children is strong. Because of this they are not at risk of corona infection but recently it has been observed that a month old child has also got corona infection. The good thing is that the symptoms are very mild or mild in children. Treatment is also being done according to these symptoms. Women who have become new mothers need to be extra careful. Also read: Watch these movies with children in lockdown, learn better with entertainment How to protect newborns from infectionNewborns should be prevented from coming into contact with more people. The less people take the child in hand, the better it will be. If there are visiting or visiting guests, then ask them to strictly sanitize the hands and wear masks. Only then should they be allowed to touch the child. It is very important for the mother also to wash her hands frequently. While feeding the newborn, mother should also wear a mask so that she can be protected from infection. Get the baby massaged or not From a medical point of view, massage is not beneficial or necessary for a newborn. It is better if someone is hired to massage the baby, then leave it for a few days. At this time, the less people stay around the child, the better it will be. Avoid child contact with outsiders, guests, relatives and children handling as much as possible.
How to prevent mother corona infection while feeding children It is very important for the new mother to clean her breast well before and after feeding the baby. This will help to a great extent in protecting the baby from infection. However, breast does not have to be washed with a sanitizer or body wash. Repeated cleaning of the breast and wiping it with clean cotton is enough. Also, the new mother is advised to avoid direct contact with the newborn baby and put on a mask. Should the new mother also get the Corona vaccine This wave of Corona has changed the situation. Earlier pregnant women and breast feeding mothers were advised not to apply corona vaccine, but now the study suggests that mothers feeding milk to children can also get the vaccine applied. However, it would be better to leave this decision on pregnant women. Worldwide, there have been some studies on vaccination during pregnancy. There is very little data on vaccine safety for pregnant women. Whether or not to apply the Corona vaccine for a pregnant woman will be her personal decision. Actually, a pregnant woman is raising a child in her womb, so there is a need to take extra care. What to do if you become pregnant after taking a vaccine dose? If pregnancy is detected a few days after taking the first or second dose, then nothing needs to be done. There is absolutely no need to get abortion. Take caution If you have become a new mother or have become pregnant, then they have to understand that now two lives are their trust. In this case, extra caution is very important. The symptoms of corona are still coming out in a new way. It is very important to take necessary steps to prevent infection. If pregnant women are flying in short trips or flights, then they have to understand that there is no difference between staying away from crowds and airports / airlines. Whether or not a woman is vaccinated, whether or not she has a corona before the birth of the child, it does not matter, there is a risk of re-infection. It is very important to be careful. Important tips to protect children from infection – Do not go to crowded places with children at all. – While carrying children, wash your hands frequently with soap or handwash. Do not let more people come in contact. – Wear the mask mandatory and do not give your mask to anyone else. – Completely follow the Corona protocol. Also read: Never keep these things in the children’s room, it can be dangerous Keep these things in mind while feeding children – Before and after breast feeding, do a cleanliness of the breast. -Do not use sanitizer or body wash on breast. – Clean the breast using cotton. -Try to avoid direct contact with the newborn. – To avoid corona infection, wear a mask.

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