10 ways to earn money, earning from 50 thousand to 1 lakh will be sitting at home, know how

New Delhi: If you are also planning to do business or are looking at how to earn from home, then today we will tell you about 10 such businesses, through which you can earn millions every month. You can start these businesses by applying a capital of 50 thousand or 1 lakh in the initial business. The special thing is that you will not need any special or technical knowledge for all these businesses. Let us tell you about 10 business earning- 1. Milk Business If you have a cow or buffalo, then you can start a milk business or you do not have it, then you get a cow for up to 30 thousand rupees. At the same time, a buffalo gets from 50 to 60 thousand. So you can start your business with 2 cows or buffalo. In this, you can also contract with companies.Also read: Big news for BoB customers, the bank has released the required numbers, get it saved in your phone, save otherwise. 2. Phulwari’s Business Apart from this, you can also start a flower business. In today’s time, from wedding to small programs, flowers are needed. The demand for good flowers is very high at this time. Apart from this, you can also sell flowers online. Cultivation of sunflower, rose, marigold is quite beneficial.
3. Earn money by planting trees If you have land, then you can plant precious trees like rosewood, teak. These trees will earn you well after 8 to 10 years. In today’s time, a rosewood tree is sold for up to 40 thousand, while the teak tree is more expensive than that. 4. Honey Business You can also start a beekeeping business. You can start your business by spending just one to one and a half lakh rupees, but to run this business you will have to take training. 5. Cultivation of Vegetables You can also earn good income by cultivating vegetables. You do not even need a lot of space for this. For this type of farming, help is also being provided by the government. In this farming, you can earn a bumper. 6. Poultry Business Poultry farming is a business for which you will have to invest a little. At present, Mudra loan loan is available from the government. Through which you can start a business by taking a loan. 7. Bamboo Cultivation You can also earn good money through bamboo cultivation. In today’s time, people like bamboo products very much. Apart from this, you can also sell your product at good rates by creating an online site. 8. Mushroom Cultivation You can start mushroom cultivation in the home garden itself, with a little investment and less hard work, you can earn up to 50 thousand. Also read: Important news for customers holding salary account in SBI, these 5 big benefits will be available for free 9. Fisheries Business Also you can follow fish. These businesses can make you earn millions. 10. Cultivation of aloe vera Apart from this, you can cultivate by planting aloe vera trees. You can plant around 2500 saplings by spending only 10 thousand rupees. Apart from this, you can also sell these trees. Or, nowadays Aloe Vera gel is used in almost all the houses, then you can earn money by taking out the jail.

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