These 5 things to include in the diet to avoid corona, will protect you with increasing immunity, even from virus flu Immune boosting foods how can we boost our immune system fast

  Include antioxidant and vitamin C rich foods in your diet.  Image Credit: Pixabay

Include antioxidant and vitamin C rich foods in your diet. Image Credit: Pixabay

What people are not doing nowadays to increase immunity. Here we are telling you about some foods that will boost immunity and protect you from regional flu.

Immune Boosting Foods: Corona virus cases are not taking the name of freeze in the country. Now cases of several mutants of corona virus are also coming up, due to which corona is spreading infection many times and is catching people. Lockdowns have also been imposed in many states to prevent infection and people are taking more and more precursors to prevent it. People are constantly being advised to stay at home and use masks. Apart from all this, if the most important thing is being said, it is to increase immunity. Yes, immunity means that the body is immune to disease so that the body can protect itself from external infection. This infection protects the body from all kinds of viruses and regional flu, from corona. So let us know what things we should include in our food that they serve as an immunity booster. 1. Include foods rich in antioxidants in food As far as possible, include antioxidant rich food in your diet. For this, you include onion, garlic and ginger in your daily diet, as well as include green leafy vegetables in the diet. They are very effective in improving immunity. Apart from this, vitamin C, B and E must also include rich food in food, they help our body’s good bacteria in fighting viruses in the body. Read also: These 9 benefits will be from drinking hot water, immunity will be strong, weight will be reduced2.Star Ennis Beneficial Star Ennis means Chakraful. This can be very helpful in boosting your immunity. This is a kind of spice that you can drink in addition to vegetables and put it in your morning tea. If you want, boil the chakraful well in water and you can drink it by adding green tea. 3. Fermented Food
If you eat fermented food, then it keeps your intestines healthy. These fermented foods are very useful in making good bacteria in your intestines. It is also very helpful in increasing immunity. For this, you can eat fermented food like kanji, curd, dosa etc. 4.Pribiotic food Prebiotic food is very good for intestinal health. These foods increase the good bacteria in the intestines. Which leads to better diazation. Healthy things that you eat with better digestion can benefit your body. In this way, the intake of prebiotic diet strengthens the immune system and many diseases do not burst with you. Read also: Want these fast recovery from Corona, then include these 5 foods in the diet 5. Vitamin C rich food Vitamin C rich food intake is very important to increase immunity. For example, daily use of lemons, oranges etc. is very important. Apart from this, those foods which contain vitamin C elements must be included in your diet. This will increase your immunity and you will be able to avoid these diseases easily. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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