Bharat Biotech to manufacture Covaxin in Pune, plant expected to be operational by end of August

Pune. Biovet Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Bharat Biotech, which manufactures Covaxin, has expressed hope that vaccine production at a plant in Manjari, Pune will be fully operational by the end of August. . A senior administrative officer told about this. Pune’s Divisional Commissioner Saurabh Rao and District Magistrate Rajesh Deshmukh visited the plant on Wednesday. The Bombay High Court recently allowed Biovate to take over the already built vaccine manufacturing plant in Manjari on a 12-hectare plot for the production of cocaine. Rao said, “The infrastructure of the plant is in ready condition. Another feature of the company is that it is very efficient and has a dedicated team. I do not think that any kind of framework will be required to start production. Everything is organized here. ”Rao said that although the officials of biowat are assessing the infrastructure available in the plant. Biowat officials have promised that they will complete the assessment work within a week. Rao said, “The kind of support the company is getting from the central and Maharashtra government in terms of licenses, clearances, regulatory decisions, In such a situation, they are confident that the plant will be fully operational by the end of August and the first batch of vaccines will come out. ”Recently, the High Court had said that in view of the status of Kovid-19, the concerned authorities should hand over the plant to Biovate. Should give. Earlier this plant was used by Intervet India Private Limited, a subsidiary of US-based multinational pharmaceutical company Merck & Company.

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