Gold shines on Akshaya Tritiya, gold silver business estimated loss of Rs 10,000 crore. gold and silver trade losses estimated rupees 10000 crore on akshaya tritiya lockdown impact samp

Gold Price Today

Gold Price Today

Akshay Tritiya 2021: Gold silver traders from last year’s lockdown had not yet recovered properly that the second wave of Corona (Covid 19) and the resumed lockdown in different states once Then gave a big shock.

New Delhi. Gold silver traders from last year’s lockdown had not yet recovered properly that the second wave of Corona (Covid 19) and the resumed lockdown in various states once again gave a big blow. Have given. Despite the Akshaya Tritiya and Eid festivals, the demand and purchase of gold and silver has been very low. Due to the lockdown imposed in various states to prevent corona infection, according to an estimate gold and silver business of about 10 thousand crores could not be done. In some states where the market is open, people are not coming out of the houses due to the fear of corona. Traders of gold, silver and jewelery are very disappointed and disappointed due to the business coming to a standstill. Significantly, there are more than 4 lakh gold and jewelery traders across the country. Also read: PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme 8th Installment: The Government has given the 2000 installment of the 8th installment to the farmers, immediately check the balance in the account In Akshaya Tritiya, people shop for gold, silver and jewelery because of thisAccording to mythological Hindu beliefs, Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be extremely auspicious for performing every auspicious and auspicious tasks. According to the scriptures, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped on this day! On this day, the trend of buying gold goods has been going on for centuries. If it is not possible to buy gold, then people also buy things made of any other metal according to their ability! In the year, only the Akshaya Tritiya consists of both the Sun and the Moon in their highest zodiac. Therefore, buying gold according to astrology is considered extremely auspicious. In the whole of India, especially in South India, people take a lot of interest in buying gold in the form of jewelery, bullion and coins. Also, on this day, because the marriage is too much ascendant, therefore, gold shopping is also done on this day. Traders of gold, silver and gems and jewelery said this Pankaj Arora, national convenor of All India Jewelers and Goldsmith Federation (AIJF), the country’s top jewelery trade organization, said that due to the lockdown in most parts of the country, shops and markets of gold and jewelery traders were completely closed. Due to which today about 10 thousand crores rupees of business of gold and jewelery could not be done across the country. He has said that after Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be the second highest gold buying festival in the country. But due to Corona, for the second year in a row, the purchase of gold on Akshaya Tritiya was almost negligible.
Also read: Petrol Price Today: Petrol diesel prices increased on Akshaya Tritiya day, know how expensive it is today Business in the last three Akshaya Tritiya festivals In 2019, on the Akshaya Tritiya, the trade of gold and jewelery in the country was worth about 10 thousand crore rupees. At that time the price of gold was about 35 thousand rupees per 10 grams. At the same time, due to the lock down on Akshaya Tritiya in the year 2020, only about 980 crore rupees of gold trade was done in the country. And at that time the price of gold was about 52 thousand rupees per 10 grams. Today, when the price of gold in the country is about 49 thousand rupees per 10 grams, despite this, 20 tons of gold could not be traded today. Traders worry about when the conditions arising from the corona will return to normal and when the trade will open. And if the business opens, then how much time will it take to organize the business.

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