Bollywood’s junior artist facing lockdown, it became difficult to live!

It was difficult to arrest junior artist in lockdown.

It was difficult to arrest junior artist in lockdown.

Lockdown appears to be an option to prevent the Corona Pandemic. At such a time, a crisis is created for the daily earners and eaters due to the work being stopped. Similar is the case with junior artists associated with the entertainment industry.

Mumbai. It is becoming increasingly difficult to withstand the second wave of Coronavirus. On the one hand there is a crisis of life and on the other, there is the question of a sinful stomach. People had suffered the lockdown last time, but this time the situation is difficult. Once again, Corona has put the brakes on the entertainment industry, which is gaining momentum. Due to long-term shooting, a crisis of livelihood has arisen in front of many junior artists. For the past 15 years, 37-year-old Bhavna, who has been working as a junior artist, is unable to pay the rent of her house. Single mother Bhavana told Aaj Tak that ‘I am single mother, husband’s death has happened a long time ago. I live here with my mother. My income depended on shooting. I have not rented the house for the last 3 months. I am not able to pay even the electricity bill. I am living life on debt and interest ‘. This is the condition of junior artist who has worked in more than 200 films like Kedarnath, Tis Maar Khan, Agneepath, Ghajini, Slumdog. If he believes, he has also applied for the job of Watchman in many places, but the matter is not being made anywhere. At the same time, 45-year-old Amjad says- ‘I have not been able to do anything for my children in Eid for the last two years. I have been sitting for almost 2 months. My last job was an ad shoot. The government has also said that you should avoid juniors and call 5 people on the set instead of 50, you tell me what will happen to the livelihood of those 45 people? Lakshmi of the Women’s Artists Association says, the last time the production house and stars helped us by moving forward. This year, that kind of help is not available. We need more work than help ‘. BN Tiwari, president of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees, also wants the government to give him permission to shoot as soon as possible. Says Tiwari, “Shooting should begin at any cost.” About 1 lakh workers are sitting in idle houses, which are on the verge of hunger. If work does not start, then you will have to stay hungry.

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