During the home office, you have to hold a virtual meeting, so keep these things in mind, you will not face any problem from Home Virtual meeting tips

Virtual Meeting Tips: During the Corona epidemic, virtual meeting is in great trend. Because of the work from home culture, people from all over the world are connected to each other through online meetings. Many companies are planning to extend the work from home culture to next year, given the current situation. In fact, this culture is proving to be very beneficial for the companies as well. For example, such a meeting is cost effective, easy setup is ready while you are able to easily connect with the business partner present in other parts of the world sitting at home. But during a virtual meeting, many things need to be kept in mind. So let’s know what is important to keep in mind during a virtual meeting. – During the virtual meeting, pay attention to the background. Before the meeting, decide that the background of the meeting where you are going to attend the meeting is correct. Not only this, before the meeting, please inform other members of the house that you are going online, so no one comes to the background. By doing this, your privacy will also remain and the meeting will also be professional. Read also: Summer Style: This Summer Season Cotton Is Not Linen In Fashion, These 5 Ways To Carry Before the meeting, see if there is enough light at the place where you are sitting. Be it natural light or artificial. Often due to the lack of light, the light of the laptop falls on the face, which looks strange. Many times, due to the high light in the background, your face is not visible on the screen, so choose to sit in a place where the light is coming well. – Attend the meeting only after you are fresh before the online meeting. If you are a woman, you can do a little makeup touchup, it will make you look fresh. If you are a male, it would be better to sit in front of the screen after washing your face, combing your hair. By doing this, you will look fresh on the screen, you will not feel sleepy during the meeting. – Take full care of body language during the meeting. It would be better if you sit on a table and chair and keep your posture right. – If you are in a meeting, then attend the entire meeting by sitting in one place. If you are changing the place frequently, then it may be that the network problem starts and because of the network, you are left untouched by the essential things of the meeting. – If you are the presenter in the meeting, then take special care that your eyes are not on the screen, but on the camera. It would be better if you use the mic or use the headphones with the mic. – During the meeting, take special care of any kind of voice, activities that are not around you. If this happens, you immediately mute on your behalf (shut the mic) so that no one else gets in trouble in the meeting. Read also: Skin care is very important for men too, keep your care in summer like this – If you want to share some new ideas, then write them in the diary in advance as a pointer so that during the meeting you can share your ideas with the flow. -Interesting your online power point presentation and make sure that the presentation is not boring. If you share information based on more and more facts, then everyone will be interested in it and everyone will listen to you carefully. During the meeting, you can carry a comfortable cotton shirt and chinose at home. With this, you will look formal. Take special note of this that if you have to stand in front of the screen, then you do not have to bear embarrassment. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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