'Who says home is a thing to be homeless' ... Image / shutterstock

‘Who says home is a thing to be homeless’ … Image / shutterstock

Shayari: In Urdu Shayari, every emotion is threaded into a beautiful alphabet. When it comes to the house, even the poets of the poets are very attractive.

Shayari: In Urdu poetry, pen has been raised on every fun. There is also a family from this. The importance of home and family is not less in life. These houses are the ones where we make plans to fulfill our dreams and where our loved ones get together, there are gardens and gardens. In such a situation, this important topic has also been given full consideration in Shayari and this is the reason that most of the poets will get Ashrar giving importance to the house here. The way every emotion in the world of Sharo-Sukhan (Shayari) has been engraved on paper with great beauty. Similarly, the house has also been talked about in a very expensive alphabet and in Shayari, it has given emulsions a sense of beauty. In such a situation, the curse of the poets of poets has drawn the hearts towards them. Today, we have brought some ashar for you from the precious Kalam of poets. Such shayars of poets in which the matter of ‘home’ and their loved ones is mentioned. You too can enjoy these precious Ashrar… God give me so much, please house the house where I live. Iftikhar ArifThis dash is where the path is not found, come back from now, the house is still bright Akhtar Saeed Khan
Gurez-pa is the new way, let’s go back to our respective homes Jamal Owaisi Also read – Shayari: ‘What time should I calculate’, some shades of poets and Everything is there, keeps searching, what is the matter, why do I not go home at the time Nida Fazli You are not old enough to be free to be in the evening, now return to your home Irfan Siddiqui Now who is ready for us, the evening has come for us to return home Munir Niazi There is a desolation, seeing the dash, I remembered the house Mirza Ghalib Why do you have so many lanes before coming home? Mohammad alvi ALSO READ – Shayari: ‘Ik is a youth for love’ If you stumble upon each other, then it is known that what is a house, what is a thing to be a house Salim ahmed It is the evening of meeting friends, it will be punished and will go home Mazhar Imam (Sincerely)

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