Police caught an Indian youth while stunting with Tesla! If left untouched, then bought a new car and done the same stunt, then arrested

The young man is 25-year-old Param Sharma.  Photo taken from facebook

The young man is 25-year-old Param Sharma. Photo taken from facebook

The young man has been arrested a month ago, he was sitting on the back seat on the auto drive mode, if caught, he said, “I am rich, I am very rich. It is necessary to have a driver on the driving seat even on autopilate mode.

New Delhi. The 25-year-old Indian-origin youth was arrested by California Highway Highway Police for the second time illegally driving Tesla on Auto Drive. According to media reports, the young man’s name is being told as Param Sharma. The young man was also arrested last month while driving a Tesla on autodrive mode. After leaving from there, he started doing the same stunt again with another new Tesla car, after which he was arrested again. Even though the autopilot mode of Tesla car has arrived, but currently it is a legal offense to use it because the testing process is still going on for its safety. So it is mandatory to sit on the driver seat even on the autopilot mode of driving this car, keeping in mind any emergency situation. According to the police, Sharma was kept in jail all night due to rackless driving.

Officials say that they are getting many complaints from people in which people would sit in the car on the automode and no one was on the driving seat. The police have appealed to the people to inform the police immediately when a driver appears in such a situation. Sharma himself posted a recording on social media that he is driving a car on autopilot mode and himself is sitting on the back seat. Alon Musk’s company is Tesla electric car manufacturer which is capable of computer, camera, sensor, GPS and is a self-drive car. But by law it is important that a driver with a Tesla or other cars that are autopilated is important due to security reasons.

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Nine people have been killed so far

Last month, three people in a Tesla car were killed when the car crashed into a tree and caught fire. All three were driving the car using autopilot and no one was on the driving seat. Since the year 2015, about nine people have died in such accidents.

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Yes i’m rich, bought a new car again

Sharma was caught by the police for this stunt in the last month. By the time he came out of jail, he bought a second Tesla car and was found doing stunts again on Thursday, after which the police caught him again. In a statement to the media, he said that I bought the new car again. Yes I am rich and very rich. The car that Sharma bought is a Tesla Model 3 car, whose price in Indian currency is 28 lakh rupees (about 40 thousand dollars).

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