SEBI is preparing for a softening of the lock-in period of three years! Know what is the opinion of experts

New Delhi. Post ipo There is a relief news about the Post IPO Lock. Any IPO Of after Promoters Of Less From Less 20 Percent Holding 3 year Of The lock In Period (Lock in period) Of Period To Less One year It is possible. SEBI has ICDR (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) The rules In Softness Bring Of Proposal Kept is. Its Under Promoters Of for Post ipo The lock In The rules In Simplicity To Go Can is And Promoter Group Of definition In Too Change did Go can is. SEBI has Ours One Statement In said is That Any IPO Of after Promoters Of Less From Less 20 Percent Holding 3 year Of The lock In Period In Lives is. Now this The lock In Period To By subtracting 1 year did Go can is. Its Apart from 20 Percent From up And Pre IPO Non Promoter share Holding On Applicable 1 year Of Lockin Period To Too By subtracting 6 Month did Go can is.

SEBI Of tell is That Promoter Of definition very Comprehensive is And in this an amendment Of need is And this need Then And Increased Caste is when Private Equity Investment Wali The companies List Happen Wants is. Its Apart from All The new The generation Of Tech The companies Any One Family Of Proprietary right Wali No is. Its with Only Their someone Ease From Recognized Outgoing Promoter Group Too No is. To whom note In By placing Now Promoter Of definition Change Know Of need is.

Private Equity Funds Of Investment companies will benefit

SEBI has this The issues On Public Feedback Taking Of Too talk Somewhere is. Its Apart from SEBI IPO prospectus In Top 5 Listed Or Unlisted Group The companies Of Financial And Others The details Of Disclosures Of Rule To Over To do Of side In Too is. Experts Of tell is That SEBI Of this Steps From Those The companies To Advantage Will happen In which Private Equity Funds Of Investment is. Its Apart from SEBI Of Proposal Promoter Of Retention By changing Person In Control To do Of is. money Control has this The issues On many Legal The giants And market Experts From talk Of is. In which From majority of Of opinion is That if SEBI Of these Proposal Applicable Ho Go Huh so From this Indian Equity market On Enough good Impact To see To will get.

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J. sea Associates (J Sagar Associates)Of happiness Wood (Anand Lakra) Of tell is That Promoter Of place persons in control Words Of Use more Better Will happen. And this One times Promoter Becoming On Always Promoter Be made Living Of Present Event In One big Change Will happen. Present The rules Of Under while Reclassification No Would As such Promoter share Holders To mine The responsibility Of burden To haul Falls is. Whose hand In company Of someone Control No Stay go is. this Event In Change Of for SEBI To Soon Only an amendment do needed.

There itself Indus The law Of The partner Contemplation Lahoti Of tell is That Promoters Of definition In Change From Disclosure The rules Of burden In someone very The big Lack No Will come. Pre IPO Investors Of for The lockIn Period Loss Of for SEBI Of Proposal On market The giants Of tell is That From this Private Equity Investors To relief Will be found.

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DSK Legal Of Instant Pal Of tell is That ICDR The rules In Promoter Group And Others share Holders Of for this Kind Of Softness From The second The companies To market From IPO Of Via Finance Raising Of for Encouragement will get. There itself Lahoti Of tell is That Pre IPO Investment The rules In Softness From Indian The markets Of Rule Developed The countries Of The rules Of very near the access Will go

money Control From talk Do Hue Everstone Group Of Talent Jain has said That Investors very Time From The lockIn Period In Deduction Of demand Tax are Were. Present Time In when Private Equity Company India In The bigThe big Cutting Deal Tax are Huh they Promoter Becoming Of All Eligibility Keeping Huh. Whose The reason From Present The rules Of Go Any company In did Gone Their Investment One Fixed Period Of for The lock Ho go is. With which The big Investors country In Investment To do From Hesitating Huh. Because Their near mine desire Of accordingly company From The exit Of the option No Would.

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Private Equity Investors To right Time From Exit form available To make Of The need is. With which That They Any One company From Leaving Any The second The new Private company In Investment Tax Can. if SEBI Of these Proposal Rule become Go Huh so India foreigner Investors Of for One Better Investment the option be made Will emerge

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