India can buy 5 crore doses of vaccine from Pfizer! Negotiations between the company and the center continue

  This vaccine, which is more expensive than other vaccines

This vaccine, which is more expensive than other vaccines

This conversation between the government and Pfizer is also close to reaching a breakthrough on the issue of compensating the company for any side effects after the use of the company’s vaccine.

New Delhi. country In Destruction Make up Wali Covid-19 Of The second Wave Of between Heavy demand Of In view of India In The vaccine (Vaccine) Of Lack Of between these news Indo-American pharmaceutical company Pfizer is coming (Pfizer) Of Five Crore The dose Purchase can is. him With Government (Govt of India) And company Negotiations are also going on between Times Off India has Told That Top The official The officers has many The meetings In Pfizer Of Senior The officers Of with The vaccine Of Availability On Discussion Of is. Economic Times Of Report Of accordingly, Government And Pfizer Of between Of these chit chat Too company Of The vaccine Of Used Of after Any Too Kind Of The side The effects (Side Effect) To come On company Of Side From Her Compensation To do Of The issues On One Success By Arriving Of near is.

Is more expensive than other vaccines

these The vaccine, that Others Vaccines Of Compared Expensive is, Government By In college Vaccine Drive (Vaccination drive) Of for Purchase Of for available Will be answer Region And Here By That Mumbai Town The body like many The states has The vaccine Of Purchase Of for Global Tender Ongoing To do Of Declaration Of is. There itself European Medicine The agency (EMA) has Wednesday To said That his By Approval Of Has gone mRNA The vaccine Maharashtra In Get went new Variants From To fight In Capable Will beEMA has said That She Indian Variants On Returns The data Of very Closely From Surveillance Tax doing is. They said, “We Promising evidence See are Huh That mRNA The vaccine this Variants To Ineffective To do In Capable Will be. EMA has Continent Of for Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca And J. And J. The vaccine To Clearance Given is.

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America has not allowed export

Known Give That America has now Too country In Becoming Wali Pfizer or Moderna The vaccine To Then By Export To do Of Permission No Given is, when By the household demand Complete No Ho Caste is. As such In possible is That European Manufacturing Center Pfizer Of The vaccine Of The source Becoming Go are Huh, Whom India Buying Wanted is.

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