McDonald’s !, preparing to open 30 new outlets nationwide. Will invest 100 crore rupees

McDonald's has 305 restaurants in 42 cities in India

McDonald’s has 305 restaurants in 42 cities in India

Even during the Corona period, the share of takeaways in the company’s sales has increased to around 50 per cent. The company says that if you skip the next 2-3 months, you will see better growth in fiscal year 2022.

New Delhi. In a way, between Lockdown and Corona crisis, only disappointing news is coming out from everywhere, there is also good news. McDonalds restaurants Chain To Operate To do Wali Westlife Development (Westlife Development) country Filled In this Fiscal Year In 30 new Outlets (outlets) Opening Of Preparation In Huh. this Plan On company 100 Crore Rupees Of Investment Will do country Of The southern And Western India Me in company Of good Penetration is. Corona period In Too company Of The sale In takeaways Of Share increase 50 Percent Of Nearby the access Has gone is. company ahead Of Growth Of The possibilities To With Enough Excited is. His tell is That if To come The ones 2-3 Months To leave Give so Fiscal Year 2022 In Better Growth To see To Will be found.

Westlife Development Of Vice Chairman Amit Jatiya (Amit Jatia) has said That company Of Plan this Fiscal Year In 20-30 new McDonald’s Outlet Opening Of Plan is. Gyms 100 Crore Investment Done Will go last Fiscal Year In Too company has 5 new McDonnell Outlets Open Were.

Kovid-19 Of Go shopping like this

Jatiya has this chit chat In ahead said That Kovid-19 Of Go Customer takeaways And drive-thru like The ways From Shopping Tax are Huh. Existing Fiscal Year In Growth To With company Enough Bullish (split) is. Corona period In Shopping Of Changing The ways To See Hue company has Ours Digital Channel To Enough strong did is. Corona Of The second Wave Of During Digital Platform To Enough The strength Given Has gone is. Customer Digital Features Of Advantage Picking up Hue Enough The good The order The place Tax are Huh, that That Last year No To see To meet Were.

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Yearly Income 6.31 Percent increase 357.58 Crore doing

2020-21 Of The fourth Quarter In company Of 55-60 Percent The sale convenience channels i.e delivery, takeaways And drive-thru Of Via Hui is. while 40-45 Percent The sale In Store Business Of Via Hui is. i.e The people has Outlet In Sitting Ate 31 March 2021 To Over Quarter In Yearly base On Westlife Development Of Loss Less happen is. And this last year Of March Quarter Of 25.26 Crore Rupees From Less 6.45 Crore Rupees On Stayed is. The same Period In company Of Income Yearly base On 6.31 Percent increase 357.58 Crore Rupees doing is. while last year Of March Quarter In 336.35 Crore Rupees On doing is.

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42 The cities In 305 McDonald’s Restaurant

Existing Time In Westlife Development Of Branch Hardcastle Restaurants Telangana (Telangana), Gujarat (Gujarat), Karnataka (Karnataka), Maharashtra (Maharashtra), Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu), Kerala (Kerala), Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh), Andhra Region (Andhra Pradesh), Goa (Goa) And The middle Region Of some The parts In And Union Territory Region Puducherry Of 42 The cities In 305 McDonald’s Restaurant Goes on is.

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